The escape

The escape

We packed up the car and we escaped. A week of blah was left behind, as the road streamed behind. A friends farm was the destination, but the trip was part of the plan. Hours in the car, talking over the week that was, the week before that and the weeks to come. Poss with her headphones on, only popping up occasionally to offer an opinion or demand to be fed. She has a habit of covering her head with a blanket on car trips, making her almost invisible in the back seat. Attempts to engage her … [Continue reading...]

Guest post | National Carers Week – Jane from Almost Jane

Guest post National Carers Week – Almost Jane

In recognition of National Carers Week, I asked some pretty amazing carers to share their stories. This submission is from the lovely Jane from Almost Jane. You can read the others in this series here, here and here. My daughter Milla was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder nearly two years ago, just after her second birthday. People often tell me how they can’t believe that she has autism, that she acts just like any other kid. I smile and nod, as I know they think this is a … [Continue reading...]

Guest post | National Carers Week – anonymous

Guest post | National Carers Week - anonymous

In recognition of National Carers Week, I asked some pretty amazing carers to share their stories. This is an anonymous submission. You can read the others in this series here and here.  Being a Carer is (in my world) day to day about juggling, juggling the needs of the person you care for, juggling the needs of your family, […]

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Guest Post | National Carers Week – Susan’s story

Guest Post National Carers Week - Susan Wallis

In recognition of National Carers Week, I asked some pretty amazing carers to share their stories. This is Susan’s story.  Have you ever ‘lost’ your child in a shopping centre or other public place? You know that rush of adrenaline and fear quickly replaced by feelings of immense joy when their little face reappears? That’s […]

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Just caring

the title of carer

Like most parents, when Poss was born, I added a whole heap of new titles to my name. Mum, mummy, mother and parent. The names all came home with us from the hospital, along with the tiny squirming bundle of pink. I felt as unqualified to use them, as I did to be left alone […]

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Hai Bali

Hai Bali

Home two days and it already seems like it never happened. That’s the thing with holidays; while you’re on them, the days are long, and seem endless, stretching out in front. All sunshine and swimming. But suddenly, it’s over and you’re home. There’s a distinct lack of swimming at my house. There’s also not nearly […]

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How to choose the right school…

Questions to ask when you're choosing a school

Over the years I’ve done lots of research on schools. Websites, brochures and tours; you name it, I’ve invested time in it. I’ve stalked forums, spoken with doctors and therapists and other parents, all trying to find the BEST school possible for my child. Frustrated, I spoke with an advocacy group at one point and […]

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Buggs in Bali

Today’s the day, the plane awaits and we haven’t started packing. There are things spread from one end of the house to the other, waiting to be crammed into suitcases, yet I sit in front of my laptop. The house (read: bunny) sitter will be here soon. I should probably put on a bra, yes? […]

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Poss Reviews – Little Live Pets

Poss Reviews

This is a sponsored post We haven’t done one of these posts in a while, but when Moose Toys recently contacted me to see if Poss would like to help review some of their new toys, starting with their new Little Live Pets range, I knew it would be a yes. The kid is determined […]

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Doing ok.

Doing ok

Choosing a school the first time round was easy. We saw a few, fell in love with one and like a relationship, nothing else we visited quite measured up. We hadn’t planned on going private from primary school, we always thought she’d be in the local at the end of the street. But there was […]

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