We’re still here

We're still here

Some nights the laptop has just sat lonely, looking at me from the edge of the coffee table where I've placed it, almost guiltily, out of reach. I've tried not to look at it, but it's cute silver body catches my eye whenever I glance towards the kitchen. Other nights, I've sat with the lid open, the white space of the blank page staring back at me. My fingers try to type, but for once they are much faster than my brain and the words just don't come. I close the lid again in … [Continue reading...]

{Life with Tweens} Trying to define a tween

15 reasons your daughter is a now Tween 2

When we started Life with Tweens, it was stupidly hard to come up with what a definition of a tween actually is. I think we landed on something official sounding including age groups and key characteristics. However, the more I looked at Poss and her long, gangly limbs and infinitely rolling eyes, the more things I came up with for my own, completely unofficial, description. How would you describe your tween? And how do you know when your daughter has become one? Jump over to Life with … [Continue reading...]

Five things my daughter has taught me

Five things my daughter has taught me

I’ve heard people say that kids with special needs are sent to special parents. While I am sure it’s meant with kindness and I nod along politely as I get they’re probably trying to pay me a compliment, I simply don’t agree. Instead, I firmly think that kids with special needs make their parents special. For […]

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A new chapter: Life with Tweens

A new chapter Life with Tweens

Late last year I went along to ProBlogger, which is one of those giant blogging conference things, where everyone talks about the same things for three days, under the pretence of doing something useful, while really you just go to socialise with your online friends in real life. And it was one of these catch ups, over […]

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That time the Today show came to visit

A different Friday 1

The portable lights lit up the lounge room so brightly, it was like a football ground at night. I could spy cob webs that were hiding on top of the air conditioner. God only knows how long they’d been there; the normal light that enters the room certainly didn’t make them visible to the naked […]

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