A bargain is made

A bargain is made

It's not unusual for Poss to get home from school, climb into bed and stay there until dinner time; her only interactions with the world inside her iPad. In there she has friends, she has games and books, she has ideas and passions, she has an endless supply of entertainment at her finger tips. It all lives in an ordered world that's  much, much larger than the small size of the iPad suggests. It's a world that she can control, that she can switch off when she's had enough. Not that she … [Continue reading...]

Giveaway | The Australian Shark and Ray Centre

Giveaway The Australian Shark and Ray Centre

When we were asked if we'd like to come swim with sharks and rays, I've got to say, it wasn't high on my priority list. I'm not scared, per say, more just not that interested. And we'd taken Poss to the aquarium a few times now, only to have her want to leave within the first half hour. Why go to all that bother, when I know it's likely she'll want to be out of there almost as soon as we've arrived? But she was keen (and persistent), so last Wednesday we finally made it out there. The … [Continue reading...]

Almost where, I don’t know.

Almost where, I don't know.

Have you ever had a week where every day feels like Friday? But it’s not. That overwhelming disappointment when you wake up, can probably only be topped when you wake up and think it’s Saturday. And it’s not. This week has been one of those weird weeks. A busy week. A routine-less week. A week where […]

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The long holidays are long.

The long holidays are long

While friends are celebrating the end of term this week, we’re into our second week. As a sure sign of holidays in action, Poss has pretty much stopped brushing her hair, and yesterday I’m sure she spent the day in the same clothes that she wore Monday. And maybe Sunday. Last week my MIL was […]

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Tips to survive the crazy festive season…

Tips to survive the crazy festive season...

Our child mostly lives in a bubble. A see-through bubble, sure, but one that protects her from much of her surroundings. Or in theory that’s how we’d like it to work. Like another ASD blogger, Jane from Almost Jane, wrote recently, we spend much of our time trying to stop the impact of anxiety on […]

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My name is Renee and I hate craft.

My name is Renee and I hate craft 1

Sponsored Post I am the first to admit it, craft does not float my boat. In fact, I actively discourage it. I’m *that* mother. When Poss accidentally let off a glitter cannon in our lounge room recently, it almost gave me heart palpitations. I’m not good with mess, I’ve even less tolerant of mess that […]

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We’ll hold onto it

We'll hold onto it

We have a rule in our house, it’s a simple one and enforceable with sulking. No Christmas decorations before my birthday. Easy, yes? Well, a few years ago it was. Poss didn’t know what day it was really, and there was a time when Christmas decorations didn’t go up anywhere until after 1st December. Not […]

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Another birthday done

Another birthday done

 Another year older, another birthday done. These things always stress me out, I don’t celebrate well. I’m not particularly  gracious, I don’t like the song and I don’t like everyone looking at me. Conversely and completely in line with my very contrary nature, I feel horribly disappointed when things don’t go as planned. For the last […]

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That’s not all that language is

That's not all that language is

Every now and then Poss comes into my work. She’s become a bit of a favourite of the front desk staff, after she made them all loom band bracelets earlier in the year, and they often ask after her. With holidays on the horizon, I was chatting with one of them earlier this week and […]

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Breathe out.

Breath out.

You know that feeling when you’ve been holding your breath without even noticing? We have a week to go until the long holidays start and it finally feels like I can breathe out. The final ILP was the week before last, and the final report card turned up late last week. Both events were met with […]

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