As real as the world outside

Minecraft: As real as the world outside

A year or so ago we were introduced to Minecraft. I'm still not sure how we missed it for as long as we did. I kept hearing other parents complaining about the hours their children were losing devoted to placing these tiny little blocks in an online world and felt a certain smugness that we were managing to avoid it. But when she was introduced to it, boy, did she fall hard. It was like watching someone fall in love. Crazy, stupid love. Deep, blind love. Those first few weeks she was … [Continue reading...]

The questions.

The questions

On Friday Poss woke up and refused to go to school. Flat out refused. Since she started at the new school just over a year ago, I can count the amount of times she's done this on one hand. But I remember those mornings well; the tears, the crying, the screaming. Both of us fighting, draining every last bit of us physically and emotionally before the day had even begun. I'd drop her at school and then cry all the way to work, praying that tomorrow would be better. Inevitably most days we'd … [Continue reading...]

A One Direction concert survival guide: part two

A One Direction concert survival guide part two

It seems like only five minutes since we last went to see One Direction in concert. Turns out it was slightly longer than that, but I swear I only just got over the squealing in my ears from last time, and there we were again. I wrote a guide after the last concert, which still […]

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You don’t have to live with it

You don't have to live with it

Sitting on the plane, waiting for it to take off, I feel fine. Tired, the adrenaline of the last few days is wearing off, but essentially fine. I open my iPad and scroll to the reader app; opening a book that has been on my mind for a while now and settle in. I enjoy […]

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Then there are other days…

Then there are other days...

I saw something, somewhere the other day about a study showing that women who work full time are less stressed than those working part time. I don’t know about that, I think being a mum is pretty stressful some weeks full stop. Adding work to the mix – whether it part time or full time, is […]

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