Monday. Let’s do this thing.

Monday. Let's do this thing

It's been raining most of the weekend. Not like the rain that other parts of Australia have had this week, but good, solid, sit on the couch and watch old episodes of West Wing kind of weather. Which really, is probably my favourite kind. I was sick last week, a few days laid under with a cold of some sort, that seemed to involve a lot of sneezing and snot and a stupid bone tiredness, and I think I'm still recovering. Or something. Poss was trying a sleep over at my mum's house on Friday … [Continue reading...]

It just has to make sense to her

It just has to make sense to her

It's been a while since I had to look down the baby aisle at the supermarket, yet here we stood, arguing about the merits of one brand of dummies over the other. Which one was better, which type had the better reputation, which one was more expensive. And when did dummies become so expensive? After much debate, we eventually we settled on a packet of three. There were compromises being made, the colours weren't quite right, tears were on the brink of spilling over, and it was around this … [Continue reading...]

I’d do it again in a heartbeat

Vaccination: I'd do it again in a heartbeat

Let’s just put aside the irrefutable scientific evidence that there is no link between vaccinations and Autism. Let’s just forget that for a moment. Let’s just entertain, just for a tiny second before we let common sense prevail, that there is a risk of Autism related to vaccinations. Even if we suspend all scientific truths, […]

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That teacher

It will heal

We’ve had that teacher. The one that yells, the one that whispers quietly and furiously in Poss’ ear. We’ve had the one that refuses to talk to our specialist team or read their reports, who declined to implement any of the changes we asked for and insisted that if we just discipline Poss more, that […]

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They are finite

My fucks to give - they are finite

As I’ve gotten older, I realise that I’m slowly (or some days, quite quickly) running out of fucks to give. Pretty much like Hugo in this picture actually, although he looks like this pretty much all the time. I read an article earlier this year (you can read it here), and I’m paraphrasing, about how we […]

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