Banana muffins, baking and Beranga

Gluten and egg free banana muffins

It's taken me far longer to get back into the swing of things since getting back from overseas than I ever could have predicted. Jet lag? Yes. But there was something more, I'm not even sure what, that seemed to ensure I moved like treacle for almost a fortnight. As though I was being punished for being away, and therefore, my brain must operate at a level of cottonwool that I haven't felt in years. Bit by bit, it's receded, until today I found myself not needing a nap mid-afternoon, and … [Continue reading...]

In sickness…


It's been an odd old week, with Poss and I fighting off a virus that seems to have been determined to suck any sort of life out of us both. The kind where you're fighting off shakes, sweats and the simple act of sitting on the couch needs an hour nap to recover. There's been snot, headaches, and too many tissues being left on every available surface, and they're not even all mind. The joys of being sick at the same time as the tween. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, which … [Continue reading...]

Five tips to manage school transition


We had a meeting at Poss’ new school last week. They were lovely, accommodating and delightful; all the things you want to see in a new school. Poss left with a giant smile on her face, the kind that usually only comes with a new accessory for her bike, or a comic that she’s been […]

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Where dreams are made…


They say that one of a Sagittarius’ traits is a love of travel. And while I’ve always loved the concept of travel, and indulged a little here and there, the dreams of big overseas adventures have remained just that, dreams. There’s lots of reasons for that, and none of them particularly interesting; life has just […]

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Wired for wonder


Last week I sat in a room listening to some inspiring women, all talking on their topic of speciality. One had recently spoken at the UN, another is a respected psychologist and the third is a highly regarded teacher. And all three of them happened to be Autistic. Why is this important? It’s probably the first […]

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