Ten little things

10 little things

Next month will be a bit of a milestone here on this little blog; a 2nd birthday. And just like most two year olds, I spend my days longing for naps, wanting to eat cookies and having occasional tantrums.

I have a super surprise for you all lined up, a birthday present of sorts, but because most two year olds don’t like sharing, I won’t be. Well, not yet anyway.

In the meantime, it struck me that I haven’t really done a post about things you should know about me, the small things and the crappy details. You all know I like gin, and I applaud good grammar, (it says it right there on the right hand side) but believe it or not there is more. Admittedly not much more though.

So, if you’ve been reading along for a while, or maybe you are new, Β it only seems polite that I share some little things…

  1. My coffee order is a skinny flat white. Some days, depending on how much sleep I’ve had, a strong skinny flat white. You really don’t want to expect too much from me before this coffee. Just warning you.
  2. Growing up for a long time, whenever I wasn’t dreaming about being a writer, I wanted to be a lawyer. This will be a shock to no one who has seen me argue a pointless point. They’re my favourite ones to argue.
  3. I’m a swearer. A big swearer. It might be a surprise to those who read along here, or who know me professionally – however when Poss dropped her first f-bomb at about 18 months old, there was no questioning where it came from.
  4. I grew up in the country, but to be honest, I don’t know that I could live more than 10 minutes drive from a good Thai restaurant these days, so a move back there is really not an option.
  5. I am a glass half empty kind of chick. Always. And I don’t play well with stupid people. So that says it all really. πŸ˜‰
  6. I don’t eat duck, avocado and coriander. Not together, not separately. All the ugh.
  7. I prefer peonies over roses, tulips over gerbras and old school romantic flowers over modern variants every time.
  8. Judge me if you will, but I don’t like doing play dough or painting with Poss. It’s messy. There, I said it.
  9. When I’m sad, I like to sing loudly in my car. I’m not very good, so I apologise in advance to everyone who pulls up at the lights next to me.
  10. Dumplings, dumplings, dumplings. That is all.

Like any good ‘getting to know you’ session, now it’s your turn. Go on, don’t be shy, share something small with me?

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  1. Omg no play dough or painting…consider yourself judged. Just kidding! I love Thai and dumplings as well and my coffee of choice is a latte. Just your regular old latte but preferably in a glass. πŸ™‚
    Tania Robinson recently posted..Create a CollageMy Profile

  2. I have my surprised face on!! But did you forget to mention the Gin?! I have taken a lead from the master (that’s you) and discovered the joy of a good G&T! Thank you for the inspiration xx

  3. I will give you 10…
    Coriander – yuck indeed.
    Everything duck-yum! But it has to be cooked just right.
    I miss French supermarkets and German bread. =(
    I am really bad at making a good first impression.
    I am opinionated and argumentative, but I try to only exercise this on subjects I know a little bit about.
    I get sick from real coffee but have an addiction to caffeine that worries me sometimes.
    I hate exercise to be quite honest but feel pretty guilty about it.
    Most people would be surprised to hear me sing, I have a decent soprano. =)
    I Am kind of a closet eurosnob.
    I am thrilled about living close to Australian wildlife but get hysterical about spiders, wasps and bull-ants.
    nikki recently posted..Know your brandsMy Profile

  4. Oh and I really like posts like this..at least when I feel like”I know this blogger” a little bit already…=)
    nikki recently posted..Know your brandsMy Profile

  5. I am surprised at the glass half empty comment, I wouldn’t have guessed that at all.

    You should however embrace the Avocado. It goes well with sour cream and that is a good enough reason to eat anything.
    ClaireyHewitt recently posted..Frocktober Day 8: The catching up with everything post and who wants $100?My Profile

  6. I don’t do avocado either, but coriander, what is wrong with you woman. Although I can forgive you for that because dumplings are by far one of the best things on the face of the earth.
    Mandy recently posted..Making a bike trackMy Profile

  7. I catchup on all my bloglovin faves under the doona early in the morning. You’re an interesting surprise with those 10 little gems. Thanks for sharing. Love that you sing when you’re sad.
    Pip Macdonald recently posted..This Age is FierceMy Profile

  8. We totally have 3 & 8 in common!! Definitely have to watch my language being a school teacher and all! And I absolutely hate hate hate play dough with a passion! I’ve tried to learn to love it, but the mess alone it creates makes me loathe even the thought of it x
    Bel recently posted..On my bedside tableMy Profile

  9. Feel like I’m handing my homework in late…!

    1. Night owl, who knows it’s a morning lark world, and is trying so hard to change … but will never be a natural lark.
    2. Latte. Vegiemite and cheddar toasties. Brunch. Dark Chocolate. Pepsi Max. How did this become about comfort food?
    3. Breaking Bad. I know, it’s done, move on …. but TV is dead to me now.
    4. Sci-fi purist. Pathetically it irks me when bookstores place fantasy novels on the sci-fi shelf. (They are so unworthy.)
    5. I’m okay at first and second conversations, it’s the third and fourth ones I’m completely lost with.
    6. Geeky introvert. I swear I spent my first 20 years just waiting for the internet to be invented. My inner geek would happily code all day.
    7. I have superhero … nasal powers. I can smell everything at 20 paces when no one else can. I’m not sure how that’s useful, it’s usually kinda icky.
    8. I almost have superhero … heat tolerance. I was the one in jeans strolling through Darwin with a Latte last January. But cold is my kryptonite.
    9. Sleep.I could sleep 24 hours straight, inhale a latte, and go back to sleep. Is this another super power? Hmm, I so got the short straws on these things…
    10. All or nothing. Can completely ignore anything and let everything slide…but once I start cleaning/ working/ a project, it’s OCD central.

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