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It pleases me greatly…

We spent most of today lazing. Lazy late start to the morning, lazy couch time, lazy afternoon siestas.¬†Blueberry pancakes, raisin bread and butter made up pretty much our entire diet – surely that covers all the food groups?¬†I had planned to write, planned to cook, maybe even sort out my overflowing wardrobe, but somehow this […]

It pleases me greatly

A couple of weeks ago I caught up with a friend who uses the phrase “it pleases me greatly”. I’m not gonna lie, it pleased me greatly. It seemed so stately and dignified, yet bossy at the same time. Since then, I have been throwing it around with great abandon. Some things please me, other […]

Five things that are pleasing me

It’s one of those weekends when staying inside and hibernating isn’t just a nice option, it almost seems a necessity. The rain has been pounding the roof for hours now, a soothing noise that I don’t think I will ever tire of. For once, I am enjoying the stillness that this weather brings, feeling comforted […]

What’s pleasing me this week….

This week has been made up of little moments. I guess every week is, every day I suppose, but somehow these moments seemed quite finite, contained somehow. Nothing seemed to flow throughout the week, stretching across days and weighing me down, instead there has been lots of little happys, which pleases me greatly. Poss competed […]

Bringing it back…

I used to write a regular piece here on the blog called ‘it pleases me greatly‘ which was a bit like a list of all the little things that pleased me each week. Which is a hugely creative name, as you can tell. I actually stole the saying from a friend, who uses it whenever […]

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