A kick up the bum

We’re not having a great week. In fact this year has been a little bit crap. But you know what? Everyone has their own crap to deal with and sometimes it helps to try and help someone else with their crap for a bit instead of continually focusing on your own. Or something like that.

So for that reason, and of course, simply because they are my friends and I want to help them, I wanted to share an update from my friend Shell, about her lovely daughter, Liv, and their journey in fighting Liv’s cancer.


Last time I wrote a post on this wonderful blog, my daughter Olivia was about to start Prep and was undergoing chemotherapy for brain and spinal tumours.

Since then much has changed. Chemotherapy did not reduce the tumours, we found out during treatment that they never expected it to. This did not sit well with us and we began more research to find an integrative doctor that could help us with other options for fighting the tumours.

We found a doctor in Tasmania who has a lot of experience in integrative cancer treatments and he immediately got Olivia started on a huge boxload of botanical treatments and tightened up her diet even more than we had already and things were going very well.

We had several scans which started showing very small reductions in the primary tumour so things were looking up from a cancer perspective. So the focus was more on keeping Olivia settled at school. Anxiety, fatigue, impulse control and concentration continued to be big issues for her, particularly in the stressful school environment so we’ve focused a lot on that over the past few months.

Unfortunately, despite Olivia seeming very well, we had the shocking news in June that her spinal tumour had grown slightly.

While her oncologists have recommended we watch and wait until her next scan in September, we are not prepared to do nothing, nor do we want to use chemotherapy that is not expected to work.

So, we have started Olivia on some evidence based, safe, non toxic therapies that were recommended by her doctor in Tasmania and by a new doctor in Melbourne who he referred us to. Of course these therapies aren’t covered by Medicare (!!) but we have been very very fortunate to meet some beautiful and generous people, Naomi and Carolina from our favourite store GreenSoul Organics and Natalie and Stuart from Raw Food for Life who have helped us take Olivia’s diet to a whole new level.

She is now having a high raw, vegan diet and so far we have noticed an amazing difference in her anxiety, sleeping and concentration, not to mention that she looks so bright and is so happy. The whole family is on board and we’re all feeling amazing!

Not only is Natalie supporting us with the diet changes, she is also organising a fundraiser to help us pay for Olivia’s therapies. We feel very blessed and fortunate to have this support and we absolutely feel that we are now on the right path.

We believe that the small amount of tumour growth was our “kick up the bum” to make even more changes that seemed very difficult and scary at the time, but with the support we have it has become much easier. Olivia is coping extremely well with the therapies and she even likes her green smoothies! We are unbelievably proud of her.

Olivia doesn’t realise it, but she has inspired so many people with how much she copes with, and how hard she just fights to be well.

I truly believe that Renee will be asking me back to her blog again at some stage to update you on how well Olivia is doing! Fingers and toes crossed…


Just a reminder that of course, everyone’s cancer journey is different, this is what Shell and her family are doing, it may not work for you and that’s fine – so as always, I ask you to be respectful. But I don’t need to say that, because I know you are all awesome. 

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  1. I would like to make a donation to the fundraiser. Do you have an address that we can send something to that can be auction or raffled off to raise funds??

  2. Thank you for sharing your story so that we can all hold Olivia, and your whole family, in our collective thoughts and prayers. Hoping with all my heart for the very best outcome for your beautiful daughter. xo
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