A new chapter: Life with Tweens

A new chapter Life with Tweens

Late last year I went along to ProBlogger, which is one of those giant blogging conference things, where everyone talks about the same things for three days, under the pretence of doing something useful, while really you just go to socialise with your online friends in real life.

And it was one of these catch ups, over a martini with two gorgeous friends, that the concept of Life with Tweens was born.

I’m the first to admit that the idea of facing parenting Poss through her Tween and teenage years ahead scares the absolute bejesus out of me.

And we’re already there. She’s mouthy, she’s moody, she yells and I worry for the health of her eye balls with all of that eye rolling. I spend a lot of time wondering (and not always in my head) how in the hell we’re going to do this and come out alive at the other end.

It seems I’m not alone.

There is a saying in the writing world, that if you want to write something, make sure it’s something you’d read yourself.

And when talking to Caro and Kim about all things Tween related, we realised that we were all facing similar challenges, similar fears; trying to navigate our way through these new uncertain years in parenting.

Between us we have a primary-schooler, a handful of Tweens, the odd Teen, two grown children, three grandchildren, seven dogs, 15 sheep, 120 cows, six fish, two cats and a fat rabbit. Each day is an adventure, to say the least.

It might not make us qualified to give advice, but we figure it certainly gives us lots to talk about!

So we’ve teamed up and finally, after many sessions with a few more martinis, today we launched Life with Tweens.

I’ll be writing over there once a week, on a Friday, sharing some of the more Tween-specific bits and pieces we’re facing, and insights into what raising a Tween on the Spectrum is like for our family.

Poss and the other Tweens, Bella and Grace, will also be sharing their own stories, because sometimes you just need to hear it from the horses (or the  tweens as it were) mouth directly. It helps that the three of them love each other almost as much as I adore their mums, and are each as different as they are similar.

You can join us on Facebook, Instagram or just drop by the blog and sign up for the newsletter. I can’t promise we have any of the answers, but we’ll have fun trying to figure it out together.

Welcome to the world of Tweens.

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