A One Direction concert survival guide: part two

A One Direction concert survival guide part two

It seems like only five minutes since we last went to see One Direction in concert. Turns out it was slightly longer than that, but I swear I only just got over the squealing in my ears from last time, and there we were again.

I wrote a guide after the last concert, which still gets an impressive amount of visitors, so I thought I’d update it. While some things were the same, others were better, I have to say, some of the glow has worn off, and we came out a bit disappointed this time around.

Let me tell you why…

  • The boys seem tired. Exhausted. Strained. They didn’t banter with each other, rushed through the songs and barely acknowledged the crowd beyond some scripted lines about how grateful they are for their fans. The easy going chat that made the last concert so entertaining was gone.
  • Signs are banned. Well, not entirely, but they’re regulated and discouraged. I know they can be a pain, I know that people complain about them obstructing the view, but they are also a bit of fun and after seeing one little girl I know, who had spent hours on her sign (made to regulation size) be too afraid to hold it up, it made me a bit sad.
  • The venue was WAY too big. They moved from Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, to Etihad Stadium and then failed to fill it. With the roof open as well, it lost a lot of the buzz that the other concert had.
  • The upside of the venue with no roof was that they could use an impressive bunch of pyrotechnics that they weren’t able to use in the previous show.
  • Security was a disaster. Compared to my last post when I mentioned the military precision of the security, this was like being a Wiggles concert in comparison. Actually, Dorothy the Dinosaur probably has better security. Our section got mobbed, with people jumping the barrier to get in, which resulted in Poss pulling this face. Fun times.

this face

On the upside, Mummy Directioners are still a thing, Poss is still easily embarrassed by my dancing and while I may be a bit critical, it’s only because I’m comparing it to their last concert, which despite it being One Direction, was still pretty good.

And I’m calling it now, one day we’ll look back on Harry Styles dancing around on stage looking un-canningly like Michael Hutchence in about 1990; an open white shirt, a cross, long hair and tight dark pants, and realise it was the start of something different for the band. Hopefully good different, not bad different.

For us, I don’t know if we’ll do another concert. While the boys still stare down from the walls of her room, Poss told her teacher that she thinks she might be growing out of them. Only ten and already outgrowing them; I guess it’s a challenge that they’ll face as their fans grow older.

In having said all this, Poss still loved it. Her face lit up in the most amazing way when they hit the stage, happiness singing from her smile. And that’s all that I really care about.

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