A soft place to land

A soft place to land

There’s no real way better than to describe last week as a write off. Between a massive work hangover for me, and ongoing issues with Poss and her circle of friends, we were pretty glad to see Friday roll around.

Sometimes weeks are like that. If you’re already running on empty, every day just compounds on itself, until you get to about Thursday and you know that it’s not going to improve, so you may as well just suck it up and ride it out.

The weekend provided much anticipated relief. We spent Saturday with friends and my mum, indulging in cakes and puppies. Not at the same time, but still – cakes and puppies. Really, if that doesn’t cheer you up, then it’s pretty likely nothing will. Actually, it was missing some good gin, but other than that it was a fine combination.

Poss got to hang with a non-school friend, who sees her enough to love her dearly, but not enough to be sick of her. The perfect balance. She is a caring, good natured kid; calm, smart and funny, much like her mother actually. At 11, she has a reassuringly good handle on who she is and accepts Poss’ quirks much the way she accepts that Poss has brown hair. It just is.

It’s good for Poss to be around her, bounce off her, have her influence for a bit. We’re lucky to have these ‘outside of school’ friends to help remind Poss that she’s not unlikable, or unloveable. They provide balance, seeing her in a different world to her school peers, a world she’s far more comfortable in.

Sunday we went on a family outing to see the new Cirque du Soleil performance, Totem. I’ve been before, in a lifetime long ago, and for years have put off taking Poss in fear of her being terrified. But she loved it. The show isn’t as dark as other years and she was completely transfixed from the moment it started until the end, her eyes wide as though if she stretched them a little further she might take in some extra magic.

And today, it’s back into it again. The week starts a new. We blink and the weekend is over, but I feel like we’ve got a good buffer behind us, a cocoon to help protect us from the rough and tumble of the week ahead.

Hopefully we’ve recharged enough to provide a soft place to land.

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  1. Kim Abbate says:

    I would wrap Poss in an overzeaLous hug every single day if I could. Just to remind her that bitchy girls are going to be bitchy, haters gonna hate and we’re gonna love her no matter what. She’s such a good egg xx

  2. PatrickC says:

    Your words made me think and one of the first things that came into my mind were the words of a Little River Band song called Shutdown Turn off from the Sleepercatcher album. Have a listen it sums up what you’ve described.

    You and your family are incredibly resilient.



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