A weekend of one liners…

A weekend with Poss

This weekend was filled with the highs and the lows. A premiership win, a missing child. A weekend of one liners to be remembered.


“Is Buddy finishing at Hawthorn this year Dad?”

“Yes Poss, he probably will finish up this year”

“You should try out for his spot Dad, you would do a great job”


“Some days Mummy thinks of running away to somewhere quiet”

“Don’t worry Mummy, if you did I would track you down and be with you forever”


“Poss, are you listening to me?”



“Poss please put the slingshot down, you really shouldn’t be playing with weapons”

“When I get older, I am going to buy lots of weapons”


“Yay!!!! Go Hawks!!!”

“Poss, that was a goal for Freo.”

“Ohhhh, Daddy’s not going to like that”


“Why did you leave the yard Poss? We were really worried about you when we couldn’t find you”

“Why were you worried? I knew exactly where I was”


“What do you think your punishment should be Poss?”

“Not something that I won’t like, or I wouldn’t like it’

“That’s kind of the point Poss”

“Well, I don’t like the sound of that at all”


“Why did you ring ask her to come over so early on a Sunday morning?”

“Well, I didn’t think her mum would tell you I called, I thought she would just drop her off”


“Can I have a bow and arrow for Christmas?”

“No you can’t”

“Please, I promise not to shoot you”


“I love you Mummy, you are the most beautiful, bestest mummy in the world”


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  1. Laughing and crying for you xxx
    Caroline recently posted..Blogging for Social GoodMy Profile

  2. oh dear… I laughed. I understand the whole “oblivious and in their own world all is good” thing.

    *hugs* lovely xx
    Kellie (stylishkellie) recently posted..A Mummy Must Have. Win Nivea Products.My Profile

  3. ha. great photos and great little one-liners. =)
    glad she wasn’t lost for too long! argh.
    (we had an incident “i am going to OPEN the car door!” which made me realized I had not childlocked it on the new car. fortunately i was driving pretty slow. he was very upset that I screamed at him for it.)
    nikki recently posted..Low expectationsMy Profile

  4. lol, glad I’m not the only one dealing with that kind of ironic behaviour. Love that she’ll find you, no matter what. I’m hearing it in Isla Fishers voice from the wedding crashers. “I’llllll finnnddd youuuuu….”
    Mandy recently posted..Blogroll ~ My Favourite Creative BlogsMy Profile

  5. These are gems! Loving the self confidence that underlies her views.

  6. Jeez I like this kid…

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