All the new…

all the new

A new job means a lot of new. New faces, new routines, new expectations and new challenges. New can be exciting, but new can also be scary. New is different, new is new.

For us this week, there is a lot of new. Not only does my new job mean new things for me, but for Poss, and even husband. Routines will have to change, with earlier starts for Poss and longer days for me. Weekends will have to have time dedicated to getting the week ahead sorted, instead of relying on me to be able to squish it in during the week. We have a new person in our team, helping out with the after school gap.

It all started today. The new routines kicked in and despite the worry and the sleepless night I had last night, it just happened.

Poss got up on time, dressed and in the car without fuss. Lunch was packed and her swimming bag organised. School drop off was seamless and the drive to the city co-operated and I was at work on time.

I sense that the new faces will quickly become familiar, laughs were had and they aren’t really all that scary. The job challenges are big, but juicy, and they will push me to grow and stretch.

The babysitter was on time, the afternoon school pick up went smoothly.  When I arrived home Poss was in her PJ’s, eating her dinner. I may have missed those couple of after school hours, but I was there for dinner, bath and tucking her into bed with big smiles.

Not every day will be like this. I have no doubt that there will be days when Poss will refuse to get out of bed, when the traffic will be bad, the job will overwhelm me, the house will be a mess, dinner will come from a tin, and Poss and the babysitter will butt heads.

But for today I will hold onto the moment when Poss told me about her day and shared her latest joke, before licking my face and telling me she loved me.

There’s nothing new there.

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  1. Noella Hextall says:

    Isn’t it funny how we lose sleep over these things, and then everything runs so smoothly you wish you could get your sleep time back! I’ve lost months of sleep, worrying about the what ifs! I hope that the rest of the week runs just as smoothly, it sounds like Poss is doing so well at the moment. Enjoy your new job!.


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