Almost done

almost done

This time next week Poss will be almost done at school. This time in a week and two days, another year will be over. This one maybe more significant than last; signalling the end of one schooling career and the beginning of another.

I suppose it’s natural that we look back at the past few years; reflecting on these years that have helped shape our little girl into the student, and I guess, the girl she is today. Like most kids, she’s like a little sponge; a saying here, a gesture there and I see her friends or her aide peeking through.

The school has been such a big part of our lives; it was their insistence that initially pushed us down the path of seeking a diagnosis over three and a half years ago now. That early diagnosis, so rare in girls on the Spectrum, as bittersweet as it feels to say it, is owed to that first teaching team.

Those early days when we were still learning what it meant, so were they, taking each step alongside us. Each breakthrough at home, meant celebrations at school, and vice versa. Each little glimpse into what we could do better, every success was shared. We gained much from their insights, learned from their experience and watched our girl grow.

There are some moments I will never forget; watching her cross the line at sports day, taking communion for the first time, being an angel in the nativity play, her book week costumes, her squeals of delight at the school disco (even if it ended in tears).

The kindness of some of her teachers, who took this little person under their wing and took the time to really get to know her, and the young girls that taught her those early skills in making friends.

Of course there were moments that shook us to the core, that changed the way we viewed the world and moments when we wanted to chuck it all in. I guess in the end that’s what we’ve done. But to deny the good wouldn’t be fair either.

So, next week will be a rough week; I know there will be a sense of overwhelming sadness, a sense of regret, maybe even a sense of failure that we couldn’t make it work.

I know there will almost definitely be tears; although maybe embarrassingly so, I don’t think they will be from Poss.

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  1. Renee you have brought me to tears. Much love to you all. Xxx

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