And now we’re back

And now we're back

Poss convinced husband to take Friday off work so she could have someone carry her bags, full of books to the classroom for her on the first day of the year. He moved meetings around, sent a bunch of emails and he obliged.

She wouldn’t even pose for a photo in return for him, but he didn’t care. He carried those heavy books to the classroom and unpacked them for her, knowing in the blink of an eye she won’t want him there.

She walked into the classroom and despite not looking at, or greeting anyone, not even her friends who called out to her, she managed to make another kid smile as she showed her a picture of a pug wearing sunglasses. It often catches me by surprise when I see her out of our home bubble; her basic social skills are so lacking, but she seems to find a way to connect anyway.

We went away to the beach for a single night. A moment to escape, catch our breath, before the new year kicked off for real. Driving straight from school, she hid under a blanket for the whole drive down, headphones on and refusing to acknowledge our existence.

I was convinced that we’d made a huge mistake and underestimated how exhausted she’d be, that she would be a mess, but she surprised me again and was fine.

Mixing it with the other kids, there were moments of tears, but there were more of laughter as she stretched and flexed to fit in with the group, hatching a plan to convince us to extend our stay an extra night. We did, and she hummed with happy, just like Hugo does when we feed him blueberries.

And now we’re back. School is in full swing, there’s no slow start; class photos are tomorrow and we’ve got an information night for Grade 5 tomorrow night. They hit the ground running and expect us all to keep up.

While I’m still sporting the sunburn from the weekend (and I swear it was only sunny for about three minutes), dates, rosters, timetables, sports uniforms and gymnastics training are filling our conversations as we start the juggle all over again.

Yet, it’s good to be back.

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  1. I just love your posts. They make me happy

  2. Routine brings comfort and stability to all. Im glad that Poss is back at school happy and the routines kicked in.

    Noticed on your twitter that you follow Dr Mel Thomson. I think you might be sisters, Shoes and Gin LOL

    Thanks for sharing with this blog.

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