And that’s why we ended up with a bunny for Easter

I promise, I didn’t start out to end up with a bunny. But that’s what happened. I am blaming this post from Saturday that was all cute and gorgeous. And filled with bunny.

It got me thinking. How much would Poss love a bunny? I know she would. She has said so often enough. Like every single time a bunny turns up in a book, a movie or on TV. Do you know how many companies use bunnies in their advertising at this time of year?!

Since the ratties died, she has missed having her own pet. So I put it out to twitter. I did some googling. I texted husband (who was at work). He said don’t be so stupid. So I stopped researching. For all of about 5 minutes.

But I couldn’t stop thinking of her face when she saw the bunny.

And we only live once, right?

So began an epic effort to obtain a bunny. At 2pm on Easter Saturday.

Husband was a push over – anything to make his girl happy. My mother proved to be a bit of a downer when I let her in on my plan, sending me about 45 text messages in 15 minutes with all the reasons why we shouldn’t get one. But she too couldn’t get past how happy it would make Poss.

So a Bunny was secured. And safely hidden in the garage.

Then on Sunday morning we followed a trail of eggs the Easter Bunny kindly left out…..

OMG it's a real bunny!

“Oh my GAWD it’s a REAL bunny”

Poss with Max

“Now I KNOW the Easter Bunny is real, cause you and Dad would NEVER let me have a bunny”

Max the bunny rabbit

Yep, he is pretty darn cute!

Max the bunny with Poss the girl

“Mum do you mind if I talk about how happy I am? The bunny makes me happy”

And yep, that last one. That’s why we ended up with a bunny for Easter.

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  1. such a cutie lil bunny!!! Love it!! LOVE the bunny!!! xx
    Yvette @ DTlilsquirts recently posted..Sunday Session – Round 1My Profile

  2. Such an awesome reason to get a bunny πŸ™‚
    Marita recently posted..The Easter MummyMy Profile

    • That’s what I thought. It’s so simple, yet so hard. And there are so many things I can’t do for her – a bunny for Easter? Sure thing.

  3. That is beautiful beyond words. Yep, that’s the best reason to get a bunny. Ever. I got teary when I saw Poss’ face lit up as she met her new little bunny. So sweet xx
    Natalie recently posted..Happy EasterMy Profile

    • Aww thanks Nat. It was one of those spur of the moment things, that is bringing so much joy. The novelty is yet to wear off!

  4. I’m with Marita, that is reason enough to get a bunny. But please, do not tell my boys. I do NOT want a bunny at our place. Happy to admire yours though!!
    Kate Sins recently posted..Our Easter SundayMy Profile

  5. Tracey @ Melbourne Mamma says:

    i WANT a bunny πŸ™‚

  6. Loving the bunny!! Wish we could have one but not allowed in QLD πŸ™ Poss does look so divinely happy! No need to ask if you had a good Easter – I already know the answer πŸ™‚ xx
    Nee Say recently posted..A word from the judgesMy Profile

    • I did see that in my research… why is that? All those poor QLD kiddies missing out on bunnies… πŸ™

      But yes, we did have a lovely Easter – thanks lovely xx

  7. Poss’s smile say’s it all.
    Danielle recently posted..Little Fishies.My Profile

  8. Ms_MotorbikeNut says:

    Great to see that Poss loved her new pet. In QLD we aren’t allowed to have them as pets which in a way is good. I did have a bunny as a little girl when I lived in NSW but I took it to school for show & tell & it passed away from all the noise of the kids so died of fright πŸ™

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

    • I was just talking to mum about that. I had a bunny when I was little, Zoe, and she died in similar circumstances. They are so fragile, especially when little.

      Max is living indoors at the moment and seems like a pretty hardy and curious little boy, so fingers crossed he will be ok. In the meantime – no show and tell!

  9. That is great! And I’m loving the logic about why the Easter bunny is real. You can’t beat it really!

  10. Last year the easter bunny bought us two guniea pigs…
    They were so loved, I cant believe they made it to a year old..
    Anything for that smile right?
    Hannah recently posted..Easter and Gods great giftsMy Profile

  11. Naaw Poss’s face is too precious! Glad she enjoyed it, you only live once and that life should include at least one bunny x
    Carli (@tinysavages) recently posted..Farmers Arms HotelMy Profile

  12. Oh how beautiful! Those photos say it all. We’re not allowed bunnies in Qld (they are considered a pest), but we do have two guinea pigs. Both male. The kids begged and begged for a female one so they could breed, but I had to say no. Renting means we are lucky to have the pets we already have, and the landlords weren’t over-excited about the guinea pigs. Even though they do no damage and actually keep the lawns down. Love the expression on your girls’ face!
    Maid in Australia recently posted..Notes to the Easter Bunny ,,,My Profile

    • We tossed up about a guinea pig, I love their little snuffly noises, but it was Easter, so we went a bunny! I don’t know about breeding – think you probably made the right call about two boys!

  13. No wonder your got a bunny, just look at her face. Absolutely priceless. And what an adorable bunny! Glad you all had such a lovely Easter. xx
    Amelia {Weddings, Babies… Everything} recently posted..A snapshot of our weekend… {Easter}My Profile

    • Thanks Amelia, it made it all worth while! And the love hasn’t worn off – she is still in awe of him! xx

  14. We LOVE our Bunny (Poppy) who lives in a cage in our living room. She isn’t big on being handled but she is constant entertainment. So glad Poss has Bunny Joy, it is wonderful when you get something so absolutely right for them isn’t it! For a similar reason we are looking into a pup for Phoebe… well in the future anyway, not quite ready for that yet!

    • Oh I am so glad to hear of another indoor bunny! Max is living indoors at the moment too. He is still only so little, so I am not sure if we will move him out when the weather gets better again and he is a bit bigger, but for the moment it’s great to have him inside – so much personality!

      We have an ongoing conversation in our house about a puppy – I will tell you the story one day!

      • We put Pops out on nice days. She stays superglued to the side of her run and cowers. However currently she is bouncing around in her cage now trying to watch Big Bang Theory by standing on her hind legs! She is a bit of a telly addict, although was horrified when I accidentally left a channel playing that showed someone watching rabbit stew… oops!
        Vix recently posted..Seriously Impressive Bruising!My Profile

        • I love that! Max has also been watching TV (is that something they do, cause if so, he is going to fit right in at our house!) – and funnily enough, seems to enjoy Sheldon and the gang as well!


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