Another week down…

Taekwondo grading Poss superstar

Another week down in the #blogfor30 challenge and I made it through.

It’s been a bit of an odd week; lots of great exciting moments, like Poss passing her first Taekwondo grading and some heart-stopping ones too.

School holidays are just around the corner and a tired child is proof that we are hanging out for them. Her temper is fraying and her ability to cope is decreasing as her anxiety rises.

I am practising my calm breathing and trying not to focus on the things that might be. Instead, we filled our weekend with family, friends and a giant blanket fort.

Oh and some chocolate ripple cake, because that makes everything better, right?

You can catch up on the week that was here:

Oh and I also updated my ASD Resources page, adding in some of my most popular Aspergers/Autism related posts.

How was your weekend? Are you counting down to school holidays as well?

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