Anxiety girl

anxiety girl

When I saw this flying around the interwebs today (via Kerri Sackville’s Facebook page), I couldn’t help but have a giggle of recognition. I know that girl. I am that girl.

Of course, anxiety is much more than jumping to the worst conclusion, but anyone who lives with the condition will probably relate to the fact that it’s often the first sign that things aren’t going well. Maybe you aren’t coping. Maybe it’s starting to get out of hand.

For me, it’s a familiar tale. I’ve been there before; spiralling into an ever tighter bundle of anxiety. My mind filling with dense cotton wool as all rational thought seems to slip through my fingers like sand. Wrapping myself tighter and tighter in self doubt. Thinking the worst and leaping to conclusions higher than the tallest buildings, heights that only a caped superhero could match.

Earlier this month, I was honoured to be asked to attend the launch of beyondblue’s ‘Get to Know Anxiety’ campaign.

At the centre of the campaign is a powerful video, in which the central character taunts the viewer. The voice that tells says you aren’t good enough, you aren’t worthy, that you can’t do it.

Those taunts rang in my ears long after I left that day, rolling around and looking for a place to settle. Of course the video didn’t put them there, they’re always there. Sometimes quiet, sometimes louder. I know them well.

I found familiarity of the video oddly comforting. As a child I was a worrier; always the one to be concerned about the random, the large and the insignificant. I assumed I was the only one. I always thought it was just me and my crazy mind. Something I had to live with. Endure.

The idea that this feeling of overwhelming, heart racing panic was something I could get help for, something I didn’t have to live with, honestly didn’t even occur to me until I was well into my twenties. I went to the doctors, worried I was finally being tipped over the edge and left her office with a prescription and a referral.

All those years spent crippled by anxiety. All those opportunities missed.

I took the drugs and met with the psychologist. I looked after myself and I got better.

Of course, it’s still there and at times the voices taunt louder and the cotton wool of my mind becomes thicker. But I feel more in control now. I know I can go back on the drugs if I feel myself donning the cape and start leaping to conclusions. I know I am not alone.

I know what anxiety looks like for me and I now know there is help.


If you need help with anxiety, or know someone who does, you can visit the beyondblue website here, which is filled with resources. You can watch the video here

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  1. Brilliant post. You articulate anxiety SO well. I should know! Thanks so much for sharing xxx

  2. Sharron Redmond says:

    I felt like I was reading about myself Renee , anxiety beautifully described and eloquently put. Especially for those of us that have dealt with it all of our lives .

  3. So much easier to deal with once you name it. I can’t believe I suffered for so long before doing something about it. Mind you, my cape still gets a pretty good work out from time to time 😉
    Nee Say recently posted..It must be a girl.My Profile

  4. I love that Natalie Dee cartoon and thought the video was great too.
    Anxiety comes in many forms but it is paralyzing and suffocating when it has you in its grip.
    One of the things that helps me most dealing with it is when others share their own troubled with it. Yes, we are not alone, it just feels that way. Thanks for sharing, love. X
    nikki recently posted..Oh, so that’s my job now – My child’s “advocate” ?My Profile


  1. […] assist with changing this perception, Beyond Blue are reviving their campaign, ‘Get to know Anxiety‘  in an attempt to help people recognise what to look for, so they can get […]

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