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Goal setting, commitments and resolutions. It’s that time of year. Like most people, I am pretty crap at it. In fact, I generally struggle to maintain focus for more than the first month, before it all falls away and I proceed to lament my overall crap-ness.

Late last year I had an interesting conversation with some pretty amazing women. We were speaking about resolutions and how we tend to set ourselves up to fail; setting goals that in any other setting would be considered ridiculous. Un-achievable, not time specific, generally broad and often un-measureable. Focussed on deficits and negatives, things we want to change or move or lose.

We spoke about turning it on it’s head. Looking for something we were already doing well and building on that instead. Focussing on the achievements, celebrating the good, committing to growing that part of our lives. Talking about positive things, in the hope that these would grow into positive feelings; nourishing us, instead of dragging us down.

It has stuck with me, and as I watch those around me set their goals and share their resolutions, I have been thinking about what I already do ok; what I am proud of and what I know I can build on. Accepting that it’s a longer process, and not something I will do in three months, or six months, maybe it’s not even a pass or fail style goal; but the outcome, over time, will leave me, hopefully, happier.

A few people have used single words as a point of focus for the year. I like that simplicity. I like that I can encompass many things under the one word; something positive that can be applied across many aspects of my life. An overall driving goal, that will hopefully guide my decisions and help me to focus on those things that I am doing well, building them and nurturing them.

So with that, 2013 will be all about Balance.

Balancing a new way of working, with the demands of home.

Finding time to write, read, sleep and rest.

Nourishing my soul with friends and family and good food.

Finding the time, and an enjoyable way, to move more.

Building a business, while trying to work out how to be a housewife.

Or maybe just hiring a cleaner and learning to love eggs on toast.

Balancing my commitments and prioritising those things that matter most.

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  1. I think you are on a great pathway here. Looking forward to being one of the friends that nourishes. I’m going to think about some words for me now! xx

  2. Sounds like a pretty sensible and attainable vision for this year. I’m sure you will do just fine x
    Kellie (stylishkellie) recently posted..A day for MEMy Profile

  3. I too love the simplicity but power of a single word. Good luck with your ‘balance’ in 2013. x
    Jodi Gibson recently posted..Present every momentMy Profile


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