Being a bad blogger

being a bad blogger

I have come to the conclusion that I am a bad blogger. In my job I work with a lot of bloggers, read a lot about blogging and do a lot of research on the ways of the blog. Blog blog blog. Yet I am still a bad blogger.

The rules say you need a niche. An angle.ย They also say you need to blog regularly and respond to comments. Engage with other bloggers. Give space over for guest bloggers and be a good guest blogger yourself. Hold competitions and post daily (if not more) on your social media channels to drive traffic back. They state you need a content plan and some even say a calendar so you can keep track of all your fabulous ideas.

I know all this, yet I don’t seem to be able to follow the rules.

I don’t write regularly. I write when the words need to come out. Some times that’s more frequently than others. Sometimes I desperately need to write, but I know I can’t, so they sit in the drafts folder languishing. But at least it’s out of my head.

I’ve tried a calendar, I really have, but I struggle to stick to the daily routine of getting Poss to and from school each day – another commitment seems like too much pressure.

A niche? Well I guess I am an Autism or Aspergers blog. An ASD blogger. But then again, I have neither of those conditions – so does that make me qualified to call myself that? A mummy blog, perhaps? With a side of sarcasm? Maybe.

I read every comment that comes in. Some make me laugh for days, others bring tears to my eyes in the touching nature of the words that people have taken the time to write. Yet, sometimes a week, or even two goes by between me commenting back. Lazy, slow or just distracted. It’s not because I don’t value every single one. But I guess it could be taken that way.

And as for writing for someone else…. well, after I have emptied my head onto the page here, I just generally have nothing else to give. So that’s that.

Occasionally I have a competition to run, and I try to maintain a social media presence, but some days that’s too much like hard work. So I hide on Pinterest and lurk on Twitter and hope nobody asks too much of me.

So yep. I am probably a bad blogger and given all that, I guess I owe you all a big thanks for sticking with me and still visiting!

Tell me. Are you a bad blogger?

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  1. I am a very bad blogger ๐Ÿ™
    Caroline recently posted..My heart wanders outside of my bodyMy Profile

  2. If you are a bad blogger then I am a very, very, VERY farking bad blogger. And you know what, fark that shit and those labels. You are so much more than that. xxxx

  3. For me there are no rules in blogging. If blogging is your job, then that might be different, but if blogging is your hobby then it is rule free. If you knit there are no rules,if yoga is your thing then you have no ‘must do’ stuff.

    Blog your own race.

  4. I totally agree with Claire. I blog when I have something to say. I use linkies three times a week because I like the prompt (although #IBOT is not about a prompt so that generally becaomes my blurb for the week post) – I love Thankful Thursdays because it gets me to reflect on what has gone right for me and Things I Know is an easy one because I can always sporout off something that I know even though it may not be very interesting or informative – I still know it !!!!
    I sort of feel ‘rules / smules’ – for me there are no rules to blogging – it is what comes from my heart via my head to try to make some sense of it !!!
    Have the best weekend possible !
    Me recently posted..Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

  5. I think if you have something to say you are a worthwhile blogger, if you have an audience you are a good blogger. My definition of a good blogger is one who writes from the heart, changes it up, engages and respects. I think you are doing better than okay!
    JodiGibson (@JFGibsonWriter) recently posted..Where have all the good bloggers gone?My Profile

  6. I set up my current blog with the express expectation that the posts would average one a week. Takes a lot of pressure off! It also has a very strong theme (it’s about writing). I’m not in it for massive growth – it is because I sometimes have Things To Say On That Topic.

    I have another blog for another topic, and a third that has no love that was intended for Everything Else (which is why it has no love).

    Wade recently posted..The Edges Of World-Building: Paying for StuffMy Profile

  7. I don’t think any of us are perfect. I know I just have no time. I do what I can but I struggle just to write a post let alone read and comment on lots of others. I think as long as we all make the effort to connect with others as we are able to, then you can’t ask for much more!
    Kirsty @ My Home Truths recently posted..I Must Confess…Revisiting My Bad HabitsMy Profile

  8. I’m the worst! xo
    jody recently posted..everything’s better with a capeMy Profile

  9. Yep, I’m so bad I’ve decided to give it away for the time being.

  10. Oh, I could have written this post! These are things that I worry about all the time; I should be this, I should be that… Just quietly though, I think you are an awesome blogger (one of only two that I subscribe to by email) so maybe the ‘rules’ aren’t so very important? xx
    Jane @ The Hesitant Housewife recently posted..Kmart Endless Days Of Play GiveawayMy Profile

  11. I’m a bad blogger. I’m also a very tired one. Especially when I’ve just written 25 mid year reports. Sometimes I think the best thing is to say nothing at all ๐Ÿ™‚
    Naomi recently posted..Running wanker. I’m on my way…My Profile

  12. I’m finding that I have been a bad blogger of late. I used to pride myself for finding that blogging/life balance but I think life is winning right now.
    Tina recently posted..4 girl’s bedroom looks we likeMy Profile

  13. I’m really crap then. Too. Xx

  14. I was clearly so bad I had to stop!! Really though, it’s what Claire said. Blog your own race. xxx

  15. I am, but I’m not aiming for an audience. It’s just a good spot to write down things that the kids do mainly. I started it years ago and a couple of months ago had a look and liked reading about life back then, so have now made more of an effort to record stuff down.
    You’re not a bad blogger! Who are you writing for anyway? I don’t need competitions (I’m less likely to comment on those posts because I feel like I’m only after something), daily posts just for the sake of it annoy me, and so do a lot of guest posts (I want to hear the thoughts of the blog I’m visiting mostly). I guess I am your niche though (if you put my 4 kids together in total they share many of Poss’s quirks!). Don’t go changin’!

  16. I think it’s much better to blog when you have something to say…so bring on the bad bloggers! Agree with Claireyhewitt! Cheers, Mez
    Mez recently posted..I did it!My Profile

  17. Bad if those ate the criteria. But I really don’t care.
    It doesn’t matter if you get something out of it, even less if you actually touch others, too. Still, first of all, you’re a good blogger, if it feels right for you.

    You know that, too.
    nikki recently posted..DAILY AUTISM โ€“ sleep 3/3 : compay segundo or sleep todayMy Profile

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