Being a better friend

Being a better friend

In the years since Poss’ diagnosis, my friendship circle has changed considerably. Old friendships, even the strong ones, have been tested and not all have survived.

It’s apparently not unusual; when a major shift happens, like a diagnosis, it’s not uncommon for one party to feel left out, isolated and alone, while the other focuses on trying to find their way in a new landscape.

Inevitably, like any relationship, if you don’t spend the time and put in the effort, it will eventually fall apart. I take most of the blame for these things – I know I can be a hard person to be friends with, but there were moments when I know we both could have made more of an effort to find a middle ground.

Maybe if we had of had some tips and insights into what to expect, maybe, just maybe a few of those friendships would have hung on? Maybe not. But I put together a few tips on how to be a better friend to someone going through a diagnosis, or who has been thrust into the role of a carer for their child.

You can check them out here, over on The Blue Room.

Let me know what I’ve missed. What would have been important for you?


Disclaimer: This post isn’t sponsored – I just happen to work at Bupa, so occasionally do some writing for The Blue Room. It’s a great resource, you should check it out. 😉

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