But still I worry.

But still I worry

In just over two weeks we’ll be packing Poss off on a bus for her very first camp. In fact, her very first time away from home that’s not with family. Yes, I will be the mum crying as the bus pulls away.

I’m not sure who’s more nervous, me or her. Probably me. Her biggest concern seems to be whether or not she’ll be allowed to take her iPad, and will there be Minecraft time?

My concerns are different. I’ve done school camps, a long time ago admittedly, but some things you never forget; the slightly dodgy camp food, the pure exhaustion, the testing of limits and friendships. The bus trip, the lollies and the chores. Torches and giggles late at night and long midnight discussions, planning the ways we were going to take over the world.

Poss still hasn’t found her place at the new school. She’s trying, and so are the school. And the short week last week seems to have gone smoothly, with positive reports. She’s working out who are friends, who will make her feel wanted and valued. It’s going to take time.

Camp will help with that, I’m sure. She isn’t the only new girl this year; there’s quite a few on a similar path. Camp will be good for them all – it will help make new friendships and cement others. Give them things to bond over and push them out of their comfort zone.

But I still worry. Her comfort zone is pretty limited. In fact it’s ridiculously small. And pushing her out of it rarely ends well. Then there’s the practical stuff…

She struggles to dress herself; choosing a full outfit and then putting it on in the right order is something we’re still working on. Brushing teeth, showering, doing her hair? Only under strict persuasion. Eating meals? Don’t even.

We’ve got a meeting with school this week to debrief all the details. I’ve been assured they can do this. They want to do it. They want her there and can see no reason why she shouldn’t be there with her peers. And it seems churlish to doubt them.

So we’ll see her psychologist this week. Plans will be made. Clothes will be packed (into individual days to make it easier). I’ll find out about the Minecraft. We’ll no doubt talk about it a million times between now and then, to try and weed out all the anxieties before she goes. For both of us.

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  1. I know she’s going to rise to the challenge x
    Caroline recently posted..Stone Pine GinMy Profile

  2. Scary! But SO worth it. The school sounds great! Their willingness is gold. Have something to do on the day she heads off. Something special, just for you!!
    Rose recently posted..Country AirMy Profile

  3. Deep breaths mama bear. We had our first school camp for the Little last year. The child who just doesn’t do sleepovers. This was only one night…. but it was in a tent. And we don’t camp. A test run with just big sis (at home) a few weeks before made a huge difference. As did the torch that clipped to her sleeping bag so she could have light if she woke in the middle of the night. Good luck.
    Alli @ ducks on the dam recently posted..Hot Cross Bun OverloadMy Profile

    • In a tent is a huge deal – you must be so proud of her! We’ve got two nights, but thank god, there’s no tents! Good tip about the torch too!
      Renee Bugg recently posted..Happy.My Profile

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