Catch the days

Catch the days

The days slip away quicker at this time of year, I’m sure of it. Moments are slow, treasured or dragging depending on what you’re doing. But the days? They go by like one of those old movies, where the sheets of paper fly from the calendar in front of your eyes.

Poss’ school bag is coming home every night overflowing with the work that she’s completed throughout the year. So proudly handed in at the time, it’s now relegated to being shoved in with the old books, half pencils and leaky pens. The detritus of a year gone by.

I don’t know what the etiquette is, do you keep it? Or can I throw it out quickly before it makes its way into the house? After almost five years of school, you’d think I’d have a method. I don’t.

She’s tired. Tears are never far away, her escape is to immerse herself into her iPad watching YouTube video after video. Yet instead of having a restorative effect like it normally would, when she comes out of the glow of the iPad, she’s crankier than ever.

It’s as though she hoped the world would somehow become easier, quieter, less demanding in her absence, and she’s thoroughly disappointed when it hasn’t.

We have just under two weeks to go. Two weeks filled with end of term festivities to survive before the long holidays begin. Then the fine balance will start; she needs the break, god she needs the break, but the holidays represent a change in routine. Or more precisely a lack of routine.

No matter how well we try and plan for it, the long break is hard. Days can’t be planned to the minutia; I work, husband works, she’ll spend time with different people to bridge the gaps.

Our long time baby sitter has just told us to start looking for a replacement, so that means it’s likely the people helping bridge those gaps will be both different *and* new. An added bonus.

In the meantime, I’m trying to hold onto those moments. Catch the days before they fly off the calendar, mark them with something special, even if it’s just a passing minute of recognition.

And seriously, if someone can tell me what to do with all the school work, the drawings and the projects, that would be great.

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  1. Oh lordy me there is no easy answer. I have two sisters in law with older kids.

    sister in law A – keeps it ALL in neatly labelled folders And by all I mean every little drawing and creation. She has three kids.

    sister in law B – waits til they’re in bed and chucks it out. In the outside bin so they don’t see it.

    I’m in the middle. Keep a few special things in a big box and chuck the rest.

    School holidays. Love them and hate them. So hard when you work. We work for ourselves from home which sounds great but with three kids running around it’s a juggle. Out solution for this summer is an au pair. I’ll let you know how it goes in about six weeks.

    May the force be with you x

    • I think your plan about the school work is spot on… somewhere in the middle.

      We talked about an au=pair this year, but I don’t know that we have the space in our house. I’d love to hear how it works out for you!
      Renee Bugg recently posted..Catch the daysMy Profile

  2. Before Leaving on maternity, I scanned all my old teaching resources (that I will probably never use or look at again) and filed them away neatly in a hardrive…space saver. I keep Lily’s art and paintings in a giant folder… I plan on using it as wrapping paper one day… I also like the idea of keeping a few ‘goodies’ in a box. Merry Christmas and happy, happy new year 🙂
    PS: I like this font!

    • Thanks Stacy – all brilliant suggestions! I used to do the wrapping paper thing with Poss’ paintings when she was at kinder – but a project on Sir Walter Raleigh just doesn’t work the same 😉

      And the font is my favourite! Happy Christmas to you guys too x
      Renee Bugg recently posted..Catch the daysMy Profile

  3. A lot of the Meteorite’s work has been hard won so its not something I can easily throw out. However my attachment to it is different after 6-12 months, so I’m often throwing a good chunk out then, when its less precious. Not sure I’ll ever be able to throw out some of this years writing – that was a three year hurdle we finally cleared!

  4. I keep the very special stuff in a box for each child, and a lot of the rest ends up in the recycling bin after a short while attached proudly to the fridge.

    Anything I don’t think it quiet good enough to keep but I don’t like throwing away gets a digital photo taken and stored on a private album.
    Karen recently posted..A Flight or Fight Kind of DayMy Profile

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