Catching up…

Just hanging around

Me and husbando

We’ve had a big weekend of family, friends,photos and food. With some fairies thrown in.

It’s come off the back of a big week.

We could have done with some more down time, but some weeks this is just how it rolls.

I suspect there will be fall out, but for the moment, all is still.

In the meantime, why don’t you catch up on what I have been writing about all week, as I finish my first full week of #Blogfor30 challenge…

Wanted for questioning… Hugo the bunny has been up to mischief.

Just me. Standing alone, even just for a minute.

Thankful Thursday bought all sorts of random things that made me smile.

It was all in the chin on Wordless Wednesday.

Homework. It’s a dirty word in our house. How about in your house?

Do you remember? Where were you when the Black Saturday fires hit?

A guest post by Poss…. 11 reasons why she loves her dad!

I also snuck in an extra post by guest posting over on the Katrina Higham Consulting blog about getting what you pay for.

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