Cliches and holidays

Cliches and holidays

Holidays have rolled around again. Term three done and dusted, edging closer to the end of the year every day. People are already putting countdowns to Christmas on Facebook, and it seems the shops have seen them, because I kid you not, there is Christmas decorations in my local supermarket.

I don’t know where the year has gone. It’s cliched and a total line, but I don’t care. One moment we were trying on a summer uniform, preparing for a new school. A blink of an eye later, we’re about to go back into that summer uniform; it’s no longer new, the knees are almost poking out from under the hem of the dress and I’m sure we’re still missing the hat. But we made it.

Husband is taking some time off these holidays, while I work through. We worked out that since Poss has been born, he’s only ever taken off a week or two at a time. He’s put in for a month this time around. A whole month. He works long hours; gone before we get up each morning and often not home until Poss is in her PJ’s at night. He’s tired. He needs this break, and we’re looking forward to having him around.

I suspect it will mean more change for our family; if nothing else, it will certainly give us some time to assess where we’re at. Somehow we’re both approaching our mid-thirties and without a hell of a lot of planning or consideration (but a fair bit of hard work) we’ve done ok. It’s probably time we actually put some thought into what comes next.

That may sound a bit silly. A bit elemental. Surely you know what’s next? Doesn’t everyone have a plan of some kind? Hmmm, we did once. And it’s kind of just been thrown out the window, as we’ve tried to keep one step ahead of the crazy ride that has been the last four years or so.

Maybe the time off will help us both stop. Breath. Look up from the road that’s continually moving beneath our feet, and navigate our own path.

All this sounds nice. But in reality, it’s likely Husband will return to work in a months time and nothing substantial will have changed, other than hopefully he won’t be as tired. Life has a way of pulling us into a routine, of pushing us through, one day in front of the next.

We’ll see.

But in the meantime, I can promise you this. I won’t be posting Christmas countdowns on Facebook; I’ll be too busy posting updates from Poss and Husband as they battle out the school holidays together. 😉

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