The countdown continues…

The countdown continues

“When is the tree man coming?”

“Soon Poss”

“When is the tree man coming?”

“Poss, we told you that he would be here at some point this afternoon. That could mean anytime between 12pm and 6pm today”

“It’s 12.30. When is the tree man coming?”

Thank goodness the tree man arrived at 3pm. So that was only 2 and a half hours of asking. Not too bad.

The tree is now up and the house is decorated in some sort of Christmas style. Although I wouldn’t say that we’ve nailed a ‘festive palate’ as such. More a mis-match of Christmas decor and styles. Is that a style in itself?

There was a few new additions to this years decorations; a gorgeous wreath from Nana Huchy* is gracing the front door, while a huge blow up snowman is greeting people on the verandah.

We did the Christmas photo on Sunday, with a stock standard department store Santa. Husband pointed out that at eight, almost nine, it may be the last one Poss would want to do. She did decline Santa’s offer of a paper crown, but was happy enough to smile for the camera and outlay her list of demands – not all of them of course, as “we would be there ALL day”. And nobody wants that.

Presents are wrapped and under ┬áthe tree, last minute scribbles are being made to the three page wish list and we’re making a visual schedule for what we are doing on Christmas day to help ease some of the worry about where we are going to be and when.

And the countdown continues.


*Note – the Nana Huchy wreath was not gifted, nor is this post sponsored. I bought it simply because it’s lovely!

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  1. Sharron Redmond says:

    Merry Christmas Bugg’s . Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and even better New Year and may we all stiil share in the wonderment that is the Nigh household . It makes is laugh , cry and giggle , sometimes all at once . Best Wishes

  2. Sharron Redmond says:

    Please excuse my STUPID autocorrect how does Bugg come out as Nigh DOH !

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