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There’s something about waking up in the country. The air is stiller, the sky is clearer, the ground is damp underfoot. A smell that’s hard to name, is complicit in each inhale, filling your nose with a smell that’s not unfamiliar and not unpleasant. It smacks of dirt, cows and grass, and something else that’s hard to put your finger on.

We arrived late on Wednesday after an eight odd hour drive. Borrowing a plug-hybrid electric car from work, we cruised in style, getting here just as the sun was starting to dip below the clouds.

Walking into the farm house, we’re enveloped in a warm hug of the home. The kitchen is full of dinner smells, the lounge is radiating heat from the large fire and the dogs are jumping around, bursting with excitement that new faces have arrived.

Country Life - Poss planting seeds

We’ve spent the last few days just soaking this up. Hours spent reading, talking, eating and the occasional red wine. The kids lose themselves on the farm; always within ears reach but most of the time, far beyond arms.

Yesterday we escaped for a few hours and took the car off the beaten track in search of a wind farm. My work also has a few wind turbines up here which majestically turn on the top of the Cullerin Range; that was our destination.

It took us about an hour from here to find them (nothing really, especially in the country), which the car did with ease. There was a small amount of dirt roads and a track or two, but we managed to get up pretty close to these enormous creatures as they turned silently on the hill side.¬†There’s lots of breathtaking landscape out here, and these fit right in.

Country Life - PHEV Mitsubishi Origin

Electronic devices have been banned for kids and adults alike during the day. Although Poss called me on a technicality – she claims that the car is technically an electric device and driving it saw me on washing up duty. It was totally worth it.

This morning has been more of the same. Poss has learned how to ride a quad bike, powering her way around the farm at every opportunity. We’ve picked apples, planted vegetables and she’s rolled down hills and built a fort out of sticks and mud.

The autumn is closing in, the leaves are falling and soon the farm will be freezing, but while the sun still shines we can be outside without jumpers and soak up the last of it’s warmth. In the afternoon as the shadows become longer, we move indoors next to the fire, watching movies and filling the night with laughter.

While there’s no doubt that the days are becoming shorter; they’re somehow more full.

Tomorrow we’ll hit the road again for the long drive home, and then back to school and work next week.

But these are the memories that we’ll take with us, sustaining us until next holidays.

Exhausted, happy and content.

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  1. PatrickC says:

    Renee, your words are why winter especially is my favourite time of the year.

    I live 10 minutes from Torquay and the start of the Great Ocean Road and around two and a bit hours from my favourite place in the world – Port Fairy. If your firm owns the wind turbines down the South West near Portland you must one day make the journey with your family and stay for a few days in Port Fairy. Once visited its in your soul forever. Drive the Ocean road and stop at Blue Johanna see the 12 Apostles etc but take it slow and draw it all in. Just as you have on the current adventure.

    Travel safely

    • PatrickC says:

      Not sure why but the follow post button on my email isn’t working so I will try again from this message.

      • I used to work for the company that owns the wind farms down at Port Fairy and have done a few trips down. It’s a truly gorgeous area- I’ve very jealous that you live in such a special part of the world!
        Renee recently posted..And it’s only day oneMy Profile

  2. You are quite near us. My son loves those windmills. Once we see them on the way back from Sydney, we know we are almost home! Enjoy your country break!
    Jo @Countrylifeexperiment recently posted..Storing Our Chicken EggsMy Profile

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