Do you remember?

Like many people, there are a few moments that have occurred during my lifetime that I can remember exactly where I was when they happened.

The small details in my world at the time are mixed in with the big details, as something momentous occurred, sometimes a half a world away, sometimes closer to home.

Do you remember? Black saturday fires

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We drove through the Kinglake surrounds yesterday on our way to Fathers day lunch. It was one of the areas hardest hit during the Black Saturday fires. The trees are still growing back, the landscape more grey than green. New houses are mixed in with still empty blocks.

As we drove, the memory of that day came rushing back and I couldn’t keep my voice from catching as we talked.

For us, it will always be tinged by our own small details. Black Saturday was the same day as Poss’ 4th birthday party.

I still have a clear memory of parking out the front of her party venue and working out how to get this small child into the venue without her melting in the 42 degree odd heat and how to keep those little guests cool enough to participate, all while wanting to stay close to the TV as the fires raged.

We cancelled the extended family dinner, instead eating at the local (air-conditioned) pizza place, watching as the toll of the day got higher and higher. Wanting to help, but feeling completely helpless.

We tried to explain it to Poss today. Why it’s important to remember, why we talk about fire safety, the strength of the local communities and how amazing the bush is that it is able to regenerate itself after such a horrendous experience.

The hope that things will always get better.

Do you remember where you were?


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  1. Yep, home with a four week old baby… Celebrating new life with my gorgeous baby and grieving for those who lost so much.
    Kate Sins recently posted..Muesli, granola, clusters? I don’t care what it’s called, let’s just eat it!My Profile

    • I remember feeling like it was a bit wrong to be celebrating Poss’ birthday when there was so much devastation all around… I can only imagine how heightened that would have been if I was holding a teeny tiny baby in my arms…

  2. Yep, we were driving to Poss’ party, listening to ABC on the radio & keeping a close eye on the scary coloured sky. I will always remember those weeks of terrible brushfire weather & that day in particular. It ranks up there with few events that can bring me to tears just by thinking of them – both the tragic tales of those who lost everything and amazing stories of survival.

    It seems Poss’ birthday is often accompanied by extreme weather. This year we had a tree come down on our house on the day of her party. Makes for memorable days that’s for sure.

    xx Carolyn

    • It does seem a bit like we are jinxed with her birthday! It’s just that time of year I guess – so unpredictable with the weather…

      And yes, I am the same. It doesn’t take much for me to well up when thinking of those few weeks – the horror stories, as well as those inspirational tales of survival. xx

  3. I was working at a wedding, me and the rest of the staff were catching news updates between courses. All stressed by the smell, and the heat in the kitchen, beyond exhausted…
    Hannah recently posted..Packa Smokes & A PornoMy Profile

  4. Yes. we were here, celebrating hubs birthday but feeling slightly guilty also and trying to keep cool! x
    jody recently posted..Tip top Fathers DayMy Profile

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