Doesn’t play well with stupid people

does not play well with stupid people

It’s been said that I don’t play well with stupid people.

I’m aware I lack patience, I’m aware I probably have high standards and I get that maybe I can be a tad unfair.

So I try to be nice, I try to be patient. I try to explain and smile, use my friendly voice, and then walk away muttering obsenenties after the offending person has left my ear shot. Let’s call it a development area and we can all assume I am working hard on it.

However, I’ve also been accused of having a ‘bitchy resting face’ which despite my best intentions, may give my true feelings away. Clearly I will never be a poker champion.

As an example of this, I once had a client I was working with who insisted on having a real live dinosaur for her son’s fourth birthday party.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

Yep. And I got through a number of meetings where she wanted updates on our inability to provide her with the requested dinosaur. She wondered if it was because she wasn’t offering enough money?

(That sound you just heard, oh yes, that was my eyeballs rolling around in my head.)

Eventually I banned myself from talking to that particular client. A move that was driven from wanting to preserve my sanity (and my eyesight – I’m sure there’s only so many times you can roll your eyes before they become damaged) as much as ensuring the happiness of the client.

In the end, the event went well; the 4 year old kids were happy with the enormous jumping castle, entertainer, copious lollies and a cake bigger than most brides enjoy.

However, even now, even after all that party excess, I’m certain she wasn’t impressed with our paltry offering of a reptile show in exchange for the real live dinosaur.

Clearly slackers.

How do you deal with with stupid people? Any tips you can pass on?

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  1. Sharron Redmond says:

    Sorry no advice . My eyeballs are permanently damaged from all the stupidity in my life . I have no tolerance whatsoever LOL . I can’t even fathom how you survived the actual request for a Dinosaur let alone didn’t die laughing . As you can see its impossible for me to suffer fools lightly , or so I’ve been told 😉

  2. That is simply too funny for words. I love the penguins from the movie Madagascar, “just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave!”


  3. Kate @ Our Little Sins says:

    Just walk away or hang up the phone. The truly stupid will not know. Those only a little bit stupid will be offended but not hassle you again – win/win in my book.

    My face betrays my thoughts and have quite often had to explain why my jaw is on the floor at people’s inanity.

  4. I don’t deal well with stupid people at all. I probably would have spluttered in that client’s face and slipped out something like “are ****ing kidding me?!”
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