Filling the gaps

Sometimes I really love blogging. It’s brought me some amazing experiences, it’s introduced me to new concepts and brought some of my most treasured friends into my life.

It’s also taught me, or maybe more accurately, it’s reinforced for me, that everyone is so different. Bloggers are no exception. We all have a story, we all have a background. These influence how we see the world, how we write, what we choose to share, how we respond, how we let people in.

This is not a bad thing. I am curious by nature; I think and wonder about other people. I am interested in that story, I want to try to see what is informing that point of view, or behind that reaction. Even if it frustrates me because their view is so different to my own. I love the conversations.

This weekend, I spent the weekend with 40 other bloggers down at Big 4 Bellarine. We raced, we played, we ate, we drank. We slept in beautiful beds and were massaged and pampered, all by the amazing Big 4 team. We talked… oh how we talked! Ideas were thrown around, laughs were had, plans were made, the big topics of the world were discussed.

Bloggers eating and drinking and talking and talking

There is a level of intimacy that exists between many bloggers that always takes me a little by surprise at first.

We read each others blogs so we know the small pinches of story. We read the small talk each day, so we skip it and we jump right into the big bits. It’s cathartic to share the deep, to fill the gaps in the stories. I know when I read those blogs now, I will appreciate it more.

When I first started going to blogging events, I went to learn about blogging. This time, I loved the opportunity to talk.


Thanks Big4 Bellarine for the opportunity and for hosting us all – your hospitality was amazing and we can’t wait to come back again later this year. And while there was no obligation for me to write about this weekend, I had such an awesome time, how could I not?!

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  1. One of these times, I’d love to be a part of that.
    Such an awesome introspective. 🙂 xx
    carmen recently posted..15 more statements I never thought I’d utter to my boys…My Profile

  2. I love that about blogger catch-ups too – skipping straight from small talk (which I’m not a fan of anyway) and into stuff that matters, or what we really think of things.
    Megan @ Writing Out Loud recently posted..Big fun at Big4 BellarineMy Profile

    • It was a great weekend – and it was lovely to see you and your growing bump!

      Oh and go Team Yellow!! 😉

  3. How much fun was it!? So great to have been your roommate! Can’t wait to go back to BIG4 Bellarine – awesome people and awesome place!
    Kate Sins recently 2 | 100 Pantone postcards projectMy Profile

  4. You know what I loved most about that weekend, beside’s meeting lovely people like yourself 🙂 the fact that even though I was invited as a blogger, I was there as a mum who got to take time out, no huges sales pitches, pressure for obligations. loved that.
    Mandy recently posted..Giveaway: Let’s start talking Christmas!My Profile

    • Same here Mandy – the relaxing, no sales pitch style made it all the more enjoyable! Big well done to Sophie and the team for getting it perfectly right!


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