Forecast – stabby

Forecast Stabby

Today was a stabby day. Not helped by the fact that every time I tried to write the word stabby, it auto-corrects to stubby. Which probably makes more sense grammatically, but not more sense in any other sense. If that makes any sense.

I don’t know why I was stabby. I just was. At one point a co-worked questioned my sanity; he was smiling at the time, and I have no doubt the question came from a place of kindness. And probably a bit of concern. For he was right, and he didn’t need to be overly observant to notice, I kind of lost it a bit, mostly unnecessarily.

We joked about installing a stabby-o-meter, so I can warn colleagues of my moods upon arrival in the office. Or at least I think we were joking, but by that point of the day, who really knows. Cloudy with a small chance of random stabby-ness. Or some days it may be more like, high chance of stabby-ness, approach with caution.

I’m not usually like this. Well, I guess I am, but I’m better at hiding it. Today, all bets were off. If you were playing poker with me, you would have won. Hands down.

And there was no real reason for this. I’m sleeping well and I’m finding my work both challenging and fulfilling. The team I work with are highly entertaining, even when we’re working hard. Even husband has been delightful this week, remembering to bring in the washing without being asked and helping Poss with her science homework.

And as for Poss, she’s cruising along. Despite a meltdown last night over a book she had to read for homework that resulted in it being thrown at me (lets call it a small hiccup), she’s had a reasonable week. There’s been singing and dancing, begging for Gymnastics lessons and reprisals of the Frozen soundtrack at regular intervals.

So who knows why the stabby quota was off the charts? Something in the water? My horoscope? It’s not that time of the month (and yes, Husband has already asked, the subtle man that he is). Maybe it’s just some deep-seated first world problem bubbling away in my sub-concious.

Either way, I’m going to get an early night and hope that tomorrows forecast brings a mostly sunny day, with little chance of stabby.

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  1. It must be the moon or the tides or the planets or SOMETHING, because I’ve been feeling it too. Maybe it’s being sensitive to all the suffering in the world, even if it’s not our own. IDK, I just know I like your unicorn.
    Sarah Somewhere recently posted..Overwhelmed.My Profile

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