Friday night delight

Friday night delight

Friday night and we’re couch bound after a week of crazy. A long week. A hectic week. Tantrums, changes, life in general I guess.

But take away has been ordered and Poss is finally sleeping soundly. The day was sunny and there was blue skies for most of it. Beer has been had and trying to remember all the things I wanted to talk to husband about, but you know, tired. And beer.

The car was finally in for repairs after the accident a few weeks ago, so we were driving around in a tiny hire car all week. More toy than car. Picking up our car tonight made me stupidly happy to see it all fixed and shiny again, and super grateful for how big and un-toy like it is. Important things people.

Halloween hit us again. And when I say hit us, I am not even exaggerating a little bit. With over 500 kids hitting us up for lollies, there was a line out into the footpath at times. So there really should be no surprise that we gave out all 12-odd kilos of lollies within 1.5 hours.

My second to last week at work. Hand overs, thinking of the things I have to pass to others and worrying about my clients. They will be fine. We will all be fine. Breath and repeat.

I ordered some Sonsee stockings online after your recommendations in the comments of this post. I love them. Like totally love them. So thanks guys. Talking about that post – I also floated the idea of an ‘experience’ style gift for him tonight and honestly, I was concerned he was going to wet himself in excitement. I think we have a winner people. So, thanks again… it pays to ask the big questions!

Husband is back to working crazy hours, sales and new software systems don’t mix. And the combination makes for long days, and long nights.

We will be getting some help to assist with the after school stuff when I start the new job. This means interviews and meetings and finding stuff out about people. Ugh. What’s more, it’s super disconcerting when reading resumes and realising that these girls are actually, probably more qualified to look after your child than you are. First world problems indeed.

Christmas shopping has commenced and true to my promise on my Facebook wall, I am attempting to order at least 70% online. The parcels are flowing in and I’m starting to think our postman hates us. Or loves us. Either way, we probably need to leave him a gift of some kind this year.

And that’s where we are. All caught up. Thai food has arrived and there’s more beer to be had. So excuse me while I go and eat too much roti bread and then fall into a food induced coma. 😉

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  1. Sharron Redmond says:

    Hope I helped somewhat get your hubby into that excited state with my suggestion LOL . Enjoy your night xx

  2. Kate @ Our Little Sins says:

    Just popping in to say “hi”! Next year I am coming to your place for Halloween. I don’t like the idea of it but I want to see your street. Glad the car is back, happy you love your stockings (I haven’t worn mine yet), very excited your gift idea went down well and inspired by your online shopping pledge I think I’m going to do the same… Well, in my case it could also be deemed “research”! Keep notes for me on what the best online retailers do. lylt xo

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