{Giveaway} Adding a touch of Harley Quinn

Adding a touch of Harley qUINN

As a child I was absorbed in the books by Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl; stories about a world that was very different to my own, but the classic words painted pictures so vividly that I still remember them.

I know exactly what that magic wishing chair would have looked like, and I can almost taste that giant peach. I was one of those kids who escaped the every day into books, often reading one after the other until there was no more to read, begging my mum for a trip to the library to refill my stocks.

As Poss grew older, I always hoped she’d follow my footsteps into this literary world. I always wanted her to find the wonder I had found in these books, but despite my best efforts, they never really took.

Instead she’s found her own path. As it should be. Her bookshelves are filled with an eclectic mixture, but it’s those books that lean slightly towards the edgy that take her interest the most.

After a recent introduction to DC Comics, her shelves are now slowly filling up with more and more comic books.

Adding a touch of Harley qUINN 2

Classic stories of good and evil, and sometimes those lines are blurred. Harley Quinn, who dances between the two, usually with a crazy grin on her face, is her favourite and she’s adorned almost every wall of her bedroom with merchandise.

We’ve got Harley Quinn products from the early Mad Love series, through to Suicide Squad and the new DC Super Hero Girls series. There’s no Harley Quinn left unturned, so to speak.

Adding a touch of Harley qUINN 3

So when Book Week rolled around earlier this month, we knew she’d be going as Harley Quinn. Because what else? And when the team at Warner Bros.  suggested Poss might be interested in checking out their new range of Harley Quinn apparel (available at Big W), it seemed as though it was fate.

While not strictly a costume; the dress and leggings were perfect for Book Week, especially when teamed with some coloured hair, a crazy grin and a giant baseball bat.

But the best bit? Taken apart, the individual pieces are perfect for adding a touch of Harley Quinn to her every-day wardrobe. The leggings are perfect with a plain t-shirt and runners, and the dress looks great with a belt and a cardigan.

Gotta love any ‘costume’ that can pull double duty and be integrated seamlessly back into the clothing rotation.

Adding a touch of Harley qUINN

To celebrate the launch of this new clothing range, the team at Warner Bros. and Big W have offered me the chance to give away nine Harley Quinn outfits; each including the skater dress and leggings that Poss is wearing, as well as a super cute singlet. 

To enter, just tell me what you or your kids love about Harley Quinn, and what size Harley Quinn set you’d be after. Easy as that.


The small print: Entries are open between September 6th 2016 and September 14th and all judges decisions will be final. This is a game of skill, chance plays no part. Postage for prizes will be to Australian addresses only. There are limited sizes available as part of this giveaway, and judges will do their best to match you with the closest size to your request. This is a sponsored post, in partnership with About a Bugg and Big W.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Tannah adores Harley Quinn!!
    In a nutshell, she loves her because she’s bad-ass.

    Size 12 🙂

  2. inthegoodbooksblog says:

    My daughter Nikki would love this outfit!!
    She’s a size 10. I have to be honest and say that she probably wouldn’t know who Harley Quinn is but she would rock this outfit! As she is growing up, she is steering away from the “princess” type things, so this would be very welcome I’m sure!

  3. Marita Beard says:

    I love Harley Quinn so much because she is one of those funny goofball characters who laughs even in the darkest of times – Heidi size 12

  4. My kids are a little young for this, but my niece ADORES Harley Quinn for the same reason you mentioned: she’s evil AND good. That goodness just makes you pull for her and hope she ditches the evil one day. But not until it’s stopped being fun to watch.
    My niece would be a size 12. I think. I’ll put my bid in for that anyway! Thanks for hosting the comp.
    Emily recently posted..Strobe (National Stroke Week 12-18 September 2016)My Profile

  5. Melissa Sullivan says:

    Bunny says “I love her hair with the red and blue mixed together. I love the colours in the outfit design. I love that her favourite thing to steal is necklaces. I like her American accent. She smiles a lot & reminds me of when I am really naughty. She is my favourite super villain”. Ella wears size 12-14 & is 11 years old. Thankyou!

  6. Julie Ann Graham says:

    Josie loves Harley Quinn and also dressed up as her for book week! I wish I could work out how to post a pic of her outfit as she was so adorable even if I do say so myself ;). She said Harley is the best because she’s super cool and a naughty girl with pretty hair lol. She’s a rock star villain! She’s nine years old so a size nine please.

  7. Manda Hardy says:

    God, do they come in adult size? I want to be Harley Quinn. Just searched their online website but couldn’t find it. I would totally go to the gym to be able to fit into the biggest kids size Harley outfit if that’s what it takes.

  8. Beth Hosking Hall says:

    My daughter is a huge fan of strong female literary characters. This year she went as Triss from Divergent for book week. Harley Quinn is exactly how I think my daughter sees herself, strong, capable, smart but still playful and cheeky. I have no doubt she would love this outfit. She is a size 10.

  9. Shannon Musumeci-Peterson says:

    My 12year old daughter Kaitlyn would love this prize, having recently discovered Harley Quinn as well. She spends hours watching YouTube vids of Harley and fixing her hair to look the same. She is Harley-obsessed!! She wears a size 12.

  10. Amy Robson says:

    My 12, almost 13yr old, LOVES Harley Quinn. She says ‘She’s a little bit good, but a little bit naughty, and you never know which Harley will come out to play. Just like me!”
    My daughter is growing up so fast that I’d have to ask for the biggest size you have. She’s all arms and legs at the moment and wears anything from a size 10, right through to a size 16.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  11. Michelle Hall says:

    My daughter Saoirse loves Harlequin, the way she dresses and the moves she does.
    She’s a big fan and would love nothing more than to dress up.
    Size 8-9

  12. Liv loves Harley Quinn! She says she’s her favourite “villain.” Because you have to have a favourite superhero (Wonder Woman) and a favourite villian. That’s the law!

  13. Cheree Robinson says:

    She’s edgy and a little bad! Not a pretty pretty princess type! Exactly like Miss almost 9!

  14. Cheree Robinson says:

    Oops size 9-10 please

  15. She’s unique and is not afraid of being herself. She’s confident, down to earth and very friendly. Size 7-8

  16. Harley rocks my daughter’s world because Harley is different and not afraid to be different!
    Size 9-10

  17. Sharon Markwell says:

    Bright, imaginative, stylish and cute – Harley Quinn delivers exciting outfits every time. Size 12 would be ideal.

  18. Harley Quinn is so original from so many female characters out there at the moment. I think we’re all just a little crazy on the inside sometimes.
    Size 6 please

  19. Harley has a carefree attitude that the kids love. Shes strong willed and confident, which isnt a terrible quality to have!
    L9ve a size 10 please!

  20. Tracey Drescher says:

    Strong and determined, not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

  21. Elisabeth Martins says:

    They love the crazy hair, the entire look and her persona.
    The fact that she isn’t afraid to be herself.

    Size 12 please 🙂

  22. Lynsey Stephensen says:

    Boys have heaps of superheroes to look up to.
    My daughter and I, we have Harley Quinn.
    She’s a quirky character, full of attitude and sass.
    Fiercely unique, fun, and a little bass ass!

    She can definitely stand on her own two feet,
    but she’s a sucker for the bad-boys, Joker’s not exactly sweet..
    A complex character who knows how to sin,
    In one way or another, we can all relate to Harley Quinn!

    Thanks for the chance! My little superhero is a size 8 🙂

  23. I love Harley Quinn because that’s exactly what I look like on Friday nights. I love being crazy and then waking up the next day with makeup all over my face. Haha!

    size 10 or 12

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