{Giveaway} Burgundy culottes and mince tarts

bakers-delight-mince-tarts and burgundy culottes

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When I turned exactly 14 years and 9 months, I started working at Bakers Delight after school, in the hope of bringing in some extra money for the stereo I had been eyeing off. It had a double tape deck and a 6 CD player. Top of the line quality right there.

Thursday nights, Saturday mornings and the occasional Sunday; all through high school, Bakers Delight was a constant, well after that stereo was outdated. At the time the uniform was a fetching pair of burgundy culottes and white polo shirt. I know. You are all jealous.

On the upside, it meant our house was always filled with fresh bread. Mum used to send me in with a list of bread to bring home, and I’m not going to lie, I still can’t eat the icing on custard scrolls after years of overindulgence.

But Christmas… oh we used to love when the Christmas produce came out. The first mince tarts of the season was always a special moment; something about the combination of shortcrust pastry and tasty fruit mince….

I’m still a loyal Bakers mince tart girl, hanging out for that moment they go on sale. It’s the start of Christmas.

So I was pretty happy when the lovely folks at Bakers Delight got in touch and offered me a Christmas giveaway for you all… And there’s three to be won! Each pack will include:

  • 1x $20 Bakers Delight voucher
  • 1x Bakers Delight apron
  • 1x wooden chopping board
  • 1x Bakers Delight shopping bag

All you have to do to be in the running is share with me what your first job was in the comments below. Not every Christmassy, but I think it will be amusing nonetheless. 

The small print – Entry is available to all Australian residents. The winner will receive one of three packs as outlined above from Bakers Delight. Entries close Sunday 15th December 2014. Winners will be judged by husband & no correspondence will be entered in to. This post was bought you in partnership with Bakers Delight.

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  1. Tiffany Bassindale says:

    I also started work at 14 and 9mnth I was saving for my first dream car which was an orange Gemini. I worked at Kleins selling very cheap and very nasty jewellery. one of my jobs was to look to see what a started to change colour take them out the back and re paint them either silver or gold.

  2. Ruth says:

    I was a check out chick at Cheaper Food Barn in Cheltenham. That made me a cheap check out chick!!

  3. Mandy says:

    At the local show, filling waffle cones with cream. Unfortunately for my customers, it wasn’t until the show was almost over that I realised the cream was meant to FILL the waffle cone and not just sit on top. Oops.

  4. Mary Preston says:

    Going back ages now, but my very first job was working in the kitchen at the Convent. I used to run messages too. I very quickly learned that a polite knock on a bedroom door just would not cut it. I learned this by walking in and catching a nun without her habit on. I kind of figured I would be going straight to hell.

  5. Jasmine says:

    pulling grey hairs out of my grandmas head and getting paid $2

  6. Judith Maunders says:

    My first paid job was working at a dog kennels during my Summer school holidays, aged about 16. I would work a few hours on Christmas Day and also work full days on other public holidays. I got $10 an hour and double time on Sundays and public holidays. It used to set me up with about $1000 for the coming University/school year. Thankfully I only ever got bitten by a small dog!

  7. leah says:

    My first job was selling maccas on the side of the road (outside our home) with my brother… not super successful but enough pocket money to get the occassional bag of lollies at the corner store…. happy summer memories xx
    leah recently posted..celebratingMy Profile

  8. Tracey {Melbourne Mamma} says:

    I had a sweet deal working in a Fairy Floss van at events when I was 15. I think I still have some stuck in my hair :O

  9. Ahhhh my first job was at…… a local cattery and kennels. Yep. Cleaning cat wee and dog poo. Owned by a friend’s parents it was close enough for me to ride my bike to. One summer. And then I fortunately moved on.
    Alli @ ducks on the dam recently posted..And then there were three…..My Profile

  10. Ross S says:

    First paid job was shovelling s**t – literally. Mum got a truckload of fresh manure from the local chicken farm and paid my sister and I to spread it around the garden. It took us three days and I learnt a very valuable lesson about what I didn’t want to do for a career.

  11. Anna Donald says:

    My first job was standing at a conveyor belt and picking out rotten or mouldy cherries. Hundreds of cherries. Hours and hours of work. We were allowed to eat as many as we wnated but the fibre. That little fruit meant yo only did it once…Did I mention….HUNDREDS OF CHERRIES. yummy.

  12. Ida Dempsey says:

    My first job was a check out chic at Woollies in Townsville, QLD. I was so proud of my self when I got promoted to Perishable supervisor ~ boo yeah! :-P

  13. Rory says:

    OK, it took me a minute to work out that I’m not actually in the running to win burgundy culottes, but I’ll press on anyway…

    My first job was actually a Christmas job – stuffing envelopes with glossy A4 brochures for Watsonia Christmas Hams in a dusty old shed at their processing plant south of Perth. I remember the high school guidance counsellor asking us if we’d like to earn some easy money. “Just stuff a few envelopes” she said – what could be easier?

    Of course, arriving in that shed we were confronted by tens of thousands of white envelopes and piles of hammy advertising. We stuffed those buggers until our fingers were bleeding (true story) and I still have flashbacks to this day every time I get a paper cut. Never again…
    Rory recently posted..Why something 7 inches tall scares me.My Profile

  14. Kim says:

    I worked in a chemist, I worked for three hours on Saturdays and got paid )4 an hour!!!! And I thought I was rich!!!

  15. Holly says:

    How good does that mince pie look? Drool. Those thing are the bomb!
    Even with the delightful sounding culottes Bakers Delight would have been far preferable to my first job – flipping burgers at the roadhouse in our country town. I was a pretty shy teenager when I started at 15 but three years of serving up soggy potato cakes and congealed dimmies to very non-PC truckers was an education in itself!

  16. Sooze says:

    My first job was Easter themed so a religious holiday at least.
    I was 15 and I wore a rabbit costume at the Lego Cente at Birkenhead Point in the Easter holidays. My best friend was an elephant. You know those thick fluffy animal character things? We did 3 x 15 minute shows a day and were paid $50 a day. Pretty damn good hourly rate for a first job in 1986!
    Kids used to grab at our pelvic area to see if we were male or female. Sad but true.

  17. Catherine Triandafyllou says:

    My first job was working in my adoptive parents bakery, I was eight years old, I swept floors, mopped, decorated cakes, and served customers, and that’s where my pastry apprenticeship kicked off…still to this day I experiment and make all sorts of cake and main meal creations due to my love of cooking and now married to a Greek husband I have fashioned my love of cooking to incorporating his heritage, so now our two daughters get a taste of their Greek heritage, and their Aussie now!

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