{Giveaway} Stay-cation with Adara

{Giveaway} Stay-cation with Adara

Last Friday night we packed up and headed into the city for the weekend. It was an attempt to extend Poss’ birthday celebrations a bit longer, and just stop for a bit, take a moment to breath, before the next few weeks of crazy set in again.

The Adara Apartments in Richmond was the perfect location to base ourselves. Close to the city, but still quietly tucked away in a side street. Walking distance to some great restaurants and a Thomas Dux just on the corner.

If you’re Melbourne based, you might remember that last Friday was about as Melbourne as weather gets. Pouring rain, yet hot and steamy. Windy and dark, but sweaty. We sat on the balcony, cracked a beer and planned our weekend, watching the water stream down around us.

Poss wanted to catch the tram into the city and spend some birthday money. I wanted to check out the discount stores at the end of the street. Husband was content to know he’d be home in time the cricket.

We went to bed early and slept late. The apartments are quiet and comfortable, and despite being almost at capacity (with the World Cup cricket on just down the road the at MCG) we didn’t hear a thing. Other than Husbands snoring. But that’s situation normal.

Breakfast was at one of the local cafes. Filled with good coffee and a ridiculously good fruit salad (all killer, no filler), we jumped on a tram bound for the city. A whirlwind trip around the CBD, before returning home to get ready for the One Direction concert that night.

{Giveaway} Stay-cation with Adara 2 I’ll apologise now the other guests in the hotel, because late afternoon Poss’ bestie arrived and the two of them proceeded to squeal and sing until the Uber arrived to take us to the concert.

If you’re going to spend a Saturday night at the One Direction concert, followed by a bunch of dramas in getting out of the city, then sinking into bed at Adara at the end of the night was a pretty good way to finish it off. And it must have been good; Poss slept until 9:30am. Unheard of.

After cleaning up the explosion of tween stuff from the apartment, we indulged in another breakfast and a spot of shopping before heading home. Exhausted. But happy. And somehow with about seven new t-shirts for Poss. Who knew she was such a good shopper…?

Now it’s your turn. The fabulous team at Adara Apartments Richmond have offered me the opportunity to give away a nights accommodation, so you can experience your own stay-cation.

To enter all you have to do is follow Adara on Facebook or Instagram and then tell me what would make the perfect weekend stay-cation in the comments below.

Would you take your kids? Would you plan a break away with your partner? Or a girlfriend and spend it shopping? Or maybe you’ll pack a bag and just run yourself a bath and then sleep. Now that sounds like a good idea…


The fine print – I was gifted a two night stay at the Adara Apartments Richmond. All other costs associated with this stay were picked up by us (including the One Direction tickets!).

The competition is open for Australian residents and will run from 19th Feb to 27th Feb 2015. The winner will be chosen based on the most entertaining answer. The prize is a 1 night stay at Adara Richmond in a 1 Bedroom and the voucher will be valid 6 months from issue. Not available during peak periods and the winner must confirm availability direct with Adara Richmond. 

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  1. My perfect staycation:
    A night off! Beatles on the iPod , wine, a bit of shopping and some chill time just for me.. Bliss

  2. Glad the concert went well for you and that Poss liked it. My 16 year old and 19 year old enjoyed it.

    P.S. sent you a direct email to your “contact” one from your web page. Have a good weekend.

    Ciao for now.


  3. Can I just go by myself? Is that odd? Once upon a life I travelled some for work and I loved nothing more then finishing the day and landing in a hotel room. Clean sheets. The remote all mine. No one to wake me up for any reason at all. Someone else preparing my food for me.

    Just one night away on your own can be very beneficial to the rest of the family. But I should probably research this fact a little more.
    ClaireyHewitt recently posted..The one where I admit to shonky parenting standards.My Profile

  4. Next month we are travelling to our old home town on a bit if a mission. It’s ten years since Nath’s dad died and the time has come to scatter the old boy’s ashes. (Yes, I know how that sounds-fromtheashers is scattering the ashes of Phil Asher)
    He was a keen fisherman, and for a time, the lighthouse keeper at Williamstown, before they burnt it down. He loved that old bay send never strayed far from her salty kisses.
    We are going to sail out to his old digs, and give him a bit of send off. Something worthy of our very own old man of the sea.
    A lot has happened in the intervening ten years, and yet so much of Melbourne will he exactly the same.. The red daddy-long-legs cranes at Port Melbourne that we can see from The Strand, the lights of the MCG watching over that big green carpet, the worn steps under the clocks at Fliders Street.. And the bay. She’ll be the same- glittering blue, or clothed in grey, she’ll be the same, but somehow different, as we add a the remnants of a craggy old fella, with a wicked sense of humour and a stubborn heart of sparkles beneath.
    I think she’ll like having him back.
    Ali recently posted..Holiday AlertMy Profile

  5. Helen cherubin says:

    A night alone would be bliss
    I’m not sure my boys would miss me
    They are always busy on their iPads
    A little adventure is needed for this family of three
    To break the habit of those electric games
    A tram ride and some shopping with a nice dinner out
    Will help this little family out
    To remember to talk and have some fun with nice memories to be made
    Instead of two heads stuck on a screen, this little adventure will help us relax and regain
    Some much needed family time!

    Thankyou. Reading your blog is fantastic and makes me realise I’m not alone!

    Kind regards Helen

  6. Helen cherubin says:

    wrong email sent for Helen Cherubin

    helencherubin @ gmail.com

  7. I love having just one night away from home. It doesn’t involve packing too much, travelling too far or having to wash too much when we arrive home! But we get to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and instantly get in holiday mode, knowing that the “have-to-do” stuff at home will just have to wait.

  8. i think cocktails in the city with abed in Richmond with a couple of my girlfriends could be just what the doctor ordered after the last couple of months xxx

  9. Judith Maunders says:

    Our perfect weekend stay-cation would be:
    * one that is not too far away – I hate spending more time travelling to the location than actually on vacation. The shorter the drive, the better!
    * one where the whole family can come – that is hubby, Miss Eight and the dog. Kassie the Koolie cross is effectively Miss Eight’s fur sibling, and although she has fun at her ‘boarding retreat’ we miss her
    * one where we can go out to dinner. Having someone else other than home hubby or I to do the cooking and being able to eat something that might be a bit too spicy for Miss Eight is a rarity … and lovely!

  10. Ruth Henwood says:

    I’m turning 40 next month so I would totally grab some gorgeous friends head to The Val to watch a cult flick while munching on old school lollies in a brown paper bag, slugging Asashsi and devouring the delights of a Two Mums ice-cream sandwich! Fingers crossed they have salted caramel that day!! Breaky in the morning would have to be a Bloody Mary and something super yum at Top Paddock. Then I’d bank those memories and head back to reality a little older but feeling a whole lot like I did when I was younger. Festival of Forty Rocks!!

  11. Tiffany Bassindale says:

    my perfect staycation would be with hubby spending time doing the things we should ‘wink wink’
    Hopefully we will have been released and got the ok for no big C and then it would be on like donkey kong.
    On a serious note just spending time processing everything and getting the chance to people watch and smile in our home would be just perfect. To just be us and to do it in style even better.

  12. I’ve been thinking about this. I’d love a night alone in a new place with no time constraints. I might invite a friend but then perhaps not. A bit of alone time to wander perhaps the galleries or even just the wonderful weekend Melbourne streets. Getting away could be the brain refresh that I need. A lie in in the morning ABC Classic F.M a lazy breakfast

    Hmm is that heaven or just a dream

  13. Picture this fabulousness…for one night, I’m Carrie Bradshaw and Richmond will be my set. My single girl apartment (pre Mr Big) will be at the stylish Adara Apartments. Like New York, people come to Richmond for two things, love and labels. Labels darling, will be purchased on nearby Bridge Road. I will shop till I drop! Love , on the other hand, will be on the table at one of the fine bars around the corner. So raise your Cosmos, to one fabulous night downtown!

  14. I started writing up my reasons for wanting this night away (insert complaints about being a tired working mum to an 11 month old etc.) and then I was reminded of a ‘friend’ (a stranger I’ve formed a strong connection with on Facebook) who has had a very tough time recently with her two young children (her youngest only 10 months). She NEVER complains (…perhaps she drinks a lot to make up for it hehe?)despite the fact that she does everything for everyone else, and nothing for herself.

    So, that’s what I would do if I won this prize. I would gift it to her – because she deserves it.

    Dammit…I really did want that night away haha!

  15. My husband and I would love a night away, we are as deserving as any special needs family, so we are no more stressed or under pressure than anyone else. It would just be nice

  16. Kids, Hubby and myself into the city for the weekend. Get to stay the night, so we could stay longer at the zoo and maybe take the kids on the city tram etc or st kilda beach. Anything would be new and exciting, just staying away from the house would have my lot over the moon.

  17. I think the chance to go to restaurants, spend time with family and forget about the house would be magic wherever the hotel may be

  18. Amanda J L says:

    My baby is 14 and if I blink,
    he’ll be married or travelling the world I think,
    time flies by too quickly, it’s the unfortunate truth
    I need to take time to appreciate his youth,
    we are always too busy….yes I’m confessing,
    so a weekend together would be a blessing!

  19. Michelle Gray says:

    A getaway for two,
    hasn’t happened since our family grew,
    some time together for a night and day,
    please Adara Apartments Richmond, help this couple get away.

  20. Polly Pauline Stewart says:

    I’d use it for a lovely escape with my husband…he works away all week & we could both really use the time to reconnect with each other without the kids underfoot

  21. Would be nice to get out of the hot and noisy CBD and stay in a cool apartment while reading my fav books

  22. Tanya Clarke says:

    This sounds perfect! I’d take my almost 3 year old with me. We would make the most of being in a great inner city location and go to ‘Clip and climb’ (a wall climbing experience), which is nearby and also do a shopping trip to the outlets including ‘Cotton On Kids’.


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