{Giveaway} STOMP along to the Sound of Music. Or is that sing?

sound of music STOMP

If you have been following along here for any amount of time, you would have picked up that I am a bit of a fan girl when it comes to musicals and all things theatre.

As a kid, I dreamed of being on the stage. Years and years of amateur musicals and drama lessons eventually led to nothing (no surprises to anyone who has heard me sing), although my parents are now being paid back for sitting through all those somewhat less than fabulous performances, as they giggle at me doing the same for Poss.

It seems that like many things, a love of theatre is something that can be passed down from generation to generation. As well as being a little performer herself (with or without a stage – there’s a reason we call her diva), she loves to watch others. So when the opportunity to see these two shows coming up in Melbourne came our way, I couldn’t say no!

And because I love you all, I have some tickets to give away for each show, so you can get in on the act and inspire the love of theatre in your kids. Or just have a night out without them. Because that’s always inspiring too!

First up is the classic Sing-a-long Sound of Music. It will be our first experience at this sing-a-long movie, but having had friends go in previous years and rave about it, I am quietly excited about this one.

I have been promised grown adults in costume, parades and sub-titles so we can sing along with every word. The lovely Chelsea Plummer is hosting and it sounds like a fabulous way to spend a winter night!

(Giveaway tickets are for Friday 16th August at 7pm at the Melbourne Arts Centre. An adult double pass is valued at $110)

Next up is STOMP. Returning to Australia straight from Broadway, it’s a classic that was first performed way back in 1991. I still remember when it first came out, inspiring a whole generation to smack on rubbish bins and hope to make a career from it!

A new show, with never been seen before routines and music will no doubt breath new life into this classic wordless masterpiece. As for Poss – the idea of using objects to smash into each other is too tempting to miss.

(Tickets are for Tuesday 20th August at 8pm at the Comedy Theatre in Melbourne. An adult double pass is valued at $158)

For your chance to win simply tell me below which movie you would love to see turned into a musical. And don’t forget to let me know which show you are wanting tickets for!


The finer details…

Entry is open to anyone who can attend the shows as per the times and dates stated above. Winners will be provided with two (2)  tickets. To enter you must provide a comment below telling me which movie you would like to be turned into a musical . Entries close at 5pm on Saturday 3rd August. The winner will be notified by email. Images in this post used with permission.

Disclaimer – In exchange for sharing this post and running this super fun giveaway, we are being provided with complimentary tickets to attend both events. 


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  1. I would love to see The never ending story turned into a musical. It has all the elements to captivate and intrigue an audience and the dragon… Can you just imagine !! ?? I would love to see either show but my daughter ( which is code for me) would love to dress up and sing so I would have to gonforbthe sound of music. X

  2. Jennifer B. says:

    Romance, comedy, drama, a Shakesperean adaption, Heath Ledger. All it needs now is music throughout!…
    “10 Things I Hate About You”!!!

    Naturally, it’s ‘Sing-a-long Sound of Music’ for us! 😀

  3. The Blues Brothers with its wall to wall hits and big band sound would make a great musical… can’t wait to see how they’d do the car chase through the Mall on stage!

    Sound of Music thanks.

  4. Definitely ‘The Little Rascals.’ Adorable kids, plenty of laughter, a dog… what more does a musical need??
    I would be very keen to see STOMP!

  5. My all time favourite movies are kinda musicals already. I am such a dag and a bit embarrassed to admit that I love Grease and Dirty Dancing.
    And Stomp would be my show of choice.
    Hope you enjoy the performances x
    leah recently posted..the post i have been meaning to writeMy Profile

  6. Tracey C. says:

    I would love to see The Princess Bride turned in to a musical. It’s got romance, comedy, action and kissing, don’t forget the kissing!

    I would love to see Stomp 🙂

  7. Hmm..I would pick Twilight turned into a musical…just for the comedy factor. I mean can you imagine how hilarious that would be?! And I would love to watch Stomp. If I win that is.
    Norlin recently posted..Knowing Your FaceMy Profile

  8. Terry Carrick says:

    I’d love to see Forrest Gump, the musical.

    Sing along with the hits: “Make me a bird, so I can fly far, far away”
    “Life is like so many things, chocolate boxes, pongs and pings”,
    “Lieutenant Dan’s got new legs to buy himself some fancy pants”,
    “Never been on a shrimp boat – a great big boat is where I been”.

    And of course, that old chestnut, “Miss Jenny: the carrots to Forrest’s peas.”

    I’d love to see Stomp!!! Saw them a few years back, and possibly the best performance I’ve ever seen!

  9. I’d like to see Love Actually as a musical. Love that movie, one fave part is when Hugh Grant is dancing to Jump (for my love).
    I’d love to see Stomp. I went years ago and loved it. My kids love watching my Tap Dogs dvd and I’m sure my son would love to see Stomp.

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