Hair today, gone tomorrow

Every single morning there would be tears. Every. Single. Morning. Because there really is nothing better than starting off the day with tears, squeals (those ear piercing ones that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up) and accusations of deliberate torture.

Yes. I’m talking about brushing Poss’ hair.

Hair today, gone tomorrow 1

While she’s slowly coming around to showering more frequently, and is brushing her teeth more than once a year, brushing her hair is still a skill that alludes her. The longer it got, the knottier it became. Dreadlocks were a real risk.

Visiting the hairdresser seemed to hold the dread of the unknown; despite having a few successful cuts over the year, it’s still a place she avoids. I’m not sure she’ll ever be the type to hang at the beauty salon for hours on end. While there’s nothing wrong with that, basic maintenance is required.

For the past few weeks we’ve been discussing a haircut. It started with a trim, then I suggested a bob and then Poss joked that she could go a pixie cut. And we laughed and laughed, because that was never going to happen.

Then she found a YouTube video of a girl donating her hair for kids with Alopecia. And she did her thing, Googling to find if there was somewhere in Australia who did it, stumbling upon the Variety Club.

A small seed must have lodged in her mind, taken hold and slowly grown into something real, because on Friday night she declared she’d like to go the big chop and donate her hair.

“I’d like another little girl who really wants to have hair and can’t have it, to have mine”, she explained. And who says that kids with Autism don’t have empathy?

After we picked our jaws up off the floor, we set to work planning it out with her; looking inspiration on Pinterest, making the appointment, walking through the steps that the hairdresser would take in some sort of rubbish attempt to prepare her.

Hair today, gone tomorrow 2

An excited, scared, nervous Poss walked into that hairdresser on Saturday morning. And just like she set out to do, she had it all chopped off, leaving the lovely hairdressers almost two hours later with a cute new pixie cut and a long pony tale to be donated.

Hair today, gone tomorrow 3

This morning she bounced out of bed, shook her hair into some sort of messy style and got dressed, looking approximately five years older. No tears. No arguments. Lots of smiles.

They say a good haircut can change your life; in this case even if it’s just for a while, I think it’s done just that.

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  1. Firstly, Poss, you look divine! I love the new hair do and can only imagine how much easier it is to juggle each morning.
    Secondly, I want to say a mega-huge thank you to Poss for her kind donation to Alopecia sufferers. My eldest daughter Aria has developed anxiety induced Alopecia and has lost most of her hair. Luckily, hers is showing some signs of coming back. Fingers Crossed!!!
    I am sure that there is a little lady out there that would appreciate your donation more than you would ever know.
    You’re one of a kind Poss. xox

  2. A beautiful idea. Gorgeous Poss My friend’s nine yr old on the spectrum donated his hair recently too to same cause.
    Trish recently posted..Wordless Wednesday : One World – Unity and PeaceMy Profile

  3. Miss Nine just opted for a pixie cut too! Her hair hadn’t reached the lengths of Poss’s, but it was tough every morning, trying to get her to comb/brush her very fine hair before school. Today was her first day at school with short hair. No whinging when brushing her hair – all of 30 seconds – and running into school to show her friends her new ‘do. The only possible issue may be one friend who said if she cut her hair she wouldn’t be her friend anymore.

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