Hanging over the fence

hanging over the fence

On the weekend we went shoe shopping. Poss had her eye on some new Cons, her feet having outgrown her old ones. We wandered into a shoe store, her pink sunnies shoved on top of her head in the most casual way possible, that just happened to be pumping out a re-mix of the ABC News theme song.

I wasn’t sure if the staff in the store realised they were listening to one of Aunties classics with new beat behind it, or just some cute tune with great horns. Either way, I have to admit, it did sound kind of cool. News for the new generation. Maybe Leigh Sales should get onto doing something like this for the 7.30pm Report… Anyway, I digress…

The shoes. We started in the kids section, but her eyes were wandering to the big kids shoes. The small adult shoes. And in a twist that I am sure really isn’t a twist, it turns out, that’s what we ended up with. Because her feet are enormous. Huge. A ladies size 6. She’s eight.

It seems silly to be upset about these things. First ladies shoes, next it will be ladies clothes. We’ve already crossed the line into crop tops and matching undies. She loves her body lotion and for the first time ever, she is showering without arguments. Well, not every day, but hey, it’s a start.

Tonight she rode her bike in the street with the neighbours. Without me hanging over the fence watching her. Not because I didn’t WANT to hang over the fence watching her, but because she made me promise I wouldn’t. Instead I made do by sitting on the verandah and just casually wandering up and down the path. If I *happened* to hang over the fence every few minutes, well that was only a coincidence.

It’s a big step for us, one that she’s been fighting for, for a while. She wants to be grown up, she wants more freedom, she wants to be like the other kids in the neighbourhood.

There’s a million reasons why this is hard for us, a million reasons why it’s hard for her, a million reasons why I want to keep her wrapped up in cotton wool forever. I will trade her all the fancy Cons in the world for her to stay home forever.

Of course, this won’t happen. Of course she is going to grow up; and one day I’ll no doubt look back and long for the days when I was worrying about giant shoes and bike riding in the street.

But for now, I’ll be hanging over the fence while I hum along to the ABC News theme song.

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  1. Love the cons, but SO grown up! x
    jody recently posted..stillsMy Profile

  2. i guess big shoes means she is going to be beautifully tall?which of course will work on her side, being an aspiring model and all. at least then no one can ever look down at her. đŸ™‚ and if they attempt to, she can stomp on them with her cool as cons.

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