Headstands at bedtime

Poss learnt a new trick this week.

If she flicks her legs up really hard, she can lean them against the bedroom wall and support herself on her head. She can stays there until the blood all runs to her head, then flicks them down again – knocking down anything in her path. And then flicks them up again. And then down again.

This only happens at bedtime.

{cool cat image from here}


It took some super sleuthing from us to figure out what she was doing. Who would suspect all that crashing was due to headstands?

The problem with an only is that we have nothing to compare her to… please tell me your kids do headstands at bedtime?!

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  1. Nope… We have one that jumps from the couch to the floor, then back on the couch and again and again and again…

    Headstands aren’t easy! There’s real talent there.

    • She tells me she is going to be a gymnast one day. Maybe this is first step? Jumping to the couch/floor/couch thing would drive me nuts!!

  2. Yep! Head stands, handstands, break dancing – you name it, they do it in the hallway until they are finally exhausted then they fall asleep in their doorways!!

  3. No, no headstands. Our quiet chick wants to talk when it’s bedtime.

    However, your chick could be on to something. I used to do headstands at yoga and I’m pretty sure it was meant to be a soothing, calming pose. Maybe she’s on the Eastern mindset.

    • If you read the comment below – I think you are all onto something! Who knew there was a method to her madness! xx

  4. If it helps her sleep Renee then I suggest marking out a landing zone!! Handstands are good sensory- she gets practice on telling where her body is when she is in a weird position, and great deep pressure through her head and neck, which is supposed to help calm the body. And when she kicks off and fall its a great thrill because she is doing something a bit scary but not life threatening enough to make he mother worry.
    However, it’s not so great if she falls sideways cos can hurt her neck/head so you could surround her in cushions( great bounce effect when you land, it’s way more fun, trust me!)
    If it doesn’t help her sleep and just makes injury, i am happy for you I use me as a threat- “Lucy said it is very dangerous and se is very worried that you are doing it”. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much for this Lucy! We let her do it for a night or two on our bed and it did seem to help with calming before bedtime. Since school has gone back she is so tired, that we are finding she is falling asleep easier – but am sure this is a temporary thing!!

  5. Annie does then all the time, if she could sleep upside down like a bat she would.


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