Is it just me, or do holidays go faster than normal days?

It’s only Wednesday, but the countdown is already on for the return to school. The return to routines, uniforms, lunch boxes and trying to squeeze 50 hours worth of stuff into every 24.

I don’t know how time does it.. at the start of each school holidays, 2 weeks seems like so long. A whole 14 days. It stretches ahead of you in an almost endless fashion.

But then suddenly you are at the end of the first week. Easter came and snuck up on us. We had people over, we baked, we got a bunny.

It’s only 7 days of holidays to go and the to do list is still a mile long.

Maybe like us, you have been busy with play dates, work and long promised catch ups filling each day. It’s so much fun, we are loving it, but it’s going too quickly. You promise yourself to slow down and enjoy the small moments.

Poss and L - so lovely together

Now we are at Wednesday. Halfway through the second week. I am working tomorrow, so that really only leaves me Friday to spend with my girl. Don’t get me wrong, we have been together, doing stuff. But our best times come from doing nothing, together.

Drawing, reading, lego, watching movies in our PJ’s. Nipping down the shops for milk shakes. Patting Max the bunny. Simply hanging out.

We have an appointment in the afternoon on Friday. But I am determined to spend the morning doing nothing. Nothing at all, just hanging with my girl.

Poss with Max the bunny - so cute

How are your school holidays going? What do you have planned for the rest of them?

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  1. I hardly get time to become sick of them….
    It’s not just you,
    Hannah recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Outing MyselfMy Profile

    • That’s it – I haven’t even gotten sick of her yet – it’s at least another week away!
      Glad it’s not just me… xx

  2. Meredith Kain says:

    Nope – not just you – happening here too.

  3. Last week went very sloooooooooowly on account of getting a cold (that felt a lot like Flu) and being caged up with the girls whilst I tried to stop producing an obscene amount of snot! This week is whizzing by but I will be glad to get back to some semblance of normality next week. As will both girls as Clara has a list as long as your arm of things she NEEDS to tell her teacher (mostly crimes I have committed against her… 4 and she has an elephantine memory!) and Phoebe as she is missing the routine at school and Can’t Wait for the school trip on Tuesday!

    • Oh Vix – there is nothing worse than being sick over the holidays, but there does seem to be some really awful bugs going around at the moment.

      It’s great the girls are excited about going back – and you will be ready for a rest by then, by the sounds of it!

  4. Riley has been on holidays a little longer so he is dying to get back, he needs it too i think. Hope you enjoy the last few days. xx
    jody recently posted..Pasta makingMy Profile

    • I am still surprised at how little his kinder program actually seem to have them attend kinder though – so no wonder he is missing it!

      Enjoy the last few days xx

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