It might be here to stick

Blogging - If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word

I almost made it. One day short. But given it was the weekend to end all weekends, I am forgiving myself and saying I did it.

The September challenge, originally proposed by Kat and Kellie – to blog every single day for September, is now over as we hit day two of October. And for 29 of the 30 days I delivered. If you include posts I did over here, here and here – I surpassed my target of 30 posts in 30 days. Let’s call it square?

When you are posting that much, it’s natural that some posts better than others – this was my most popular, this one my least. This one was probably my favourite. And this one includes a cute but cheeky bunny.

But I loved the chance to push myself and was actually surprised that *most* days the content came reasonably easily. I guess I might have a bit to say about lots of things…!

I enjoyed having a routine and by necessity had to be more organised than I have been before; using scheduling, a calendar and even making notes when ideas for posts popped into my head. It was good to put all that advice I received at blogging conferences over the last year to good use – instead of just winging it like I normally do.

And it will probably continue, maybe not every single day, but I still love it. Like one of my fellow #blogfor30 girls, Mrs Ceee Ceee said – it’s like free therapy.

I guess this blogging thing might be here to stick.

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