It pleases me greatly…

It pleases me greatly 2

We spent most of today lazing. Lazy late start to the morning, lazy couch time, lazy afternoon siestas. Blueberry pancakes, raisin bread and butter made up pretty much our entire diet – surely that covers all the food groups? I had planned to write, planned to cook, maybe even sort out my overflowing wardrobe, but somehow this laziness pleases me greatly.

Which brings me to my list of things that please me for this week. Yes I’m a day late, but I did promise that I would be terrible at sticking to a schedule.

  • Cheap dumplings complete with formica tables, fluro lights and fabulous company pleased me greatly this week. There was laughing, there was chilli and there was a battered banana served with two ice cream balls. Yes, that also pleased me greatly, because I am immature like that.
  • I bought some new pants – the same stretchy comfortable ones I talked about here, but in another colour. I can’t tell you how much these pants please me. How many pairs of the same pants do you think I can have before I have a problem?
  • Of course our very own Hugo Bun Pants pleases me enormously, but we also visited a school this week where there were bunnies in the classroom. Bunnies. In. The. Classroom. All the pleased.
  • Poss has discovered kiwi fruit and loves it. New foods in this house are a big deal. And kiwis are oddly pleasing in their own way.
  • We only managed one day back at school before Poss demanded to stay home. At the time, it was less than pleasing; she was cranky, grumpy and snarky. But it was a much needed ‘nothing’ day for her, and by the end of it she was far more amicable. Which was pleasing for us all.
  • Popping chocolate. I really don’t need to say how much it pleases me, because surely it’s obvious how pleasing it would be.
Of course there are more things. Lots of things, little things and the start of some bigger things, which are pleasing but kind of scary, so for today, that’s enough. I have popping chocolate to eat.
Tell me, what’s pleasing you greatly this week?
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  1. Workingwomenaus says:

    Popping chocolate sounds perfect! I remember buying the candy version of that when I was a little tracker and choking as I giggled at the sensation of it.

    As for a school with bunnies in the classroom? Love it. Love. It.

    I hope you’re ok. I think (reading between the lines) once Poss is settled in her new school, you’ll be better? Many virtual squishes being sent you way xx

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