It pleases me greatly

It pleases me greatly A couple of weeks ago I caught up with a friend who uses the phrase “it pleases me greatly”. I’m not gonna lie, it pleased me greatly. It seemed so stately and dignified, yet bossy at the same time. Since then, I have been throwing it around with great abandon. Some things please me, other things displease me, but either way the please is getting a lot of use.

So, to stop me from overwhelming my family and wearing out my pleases, I thought I would start sharing the things that please me greatly here. Once a week. Maybe on a Friday or Saturday – as these things may take all week to accumulate. But I’m not good at sticking to a schedule, so who knows, it may move.

It’s a bit like Thankful Thursday, but probably more petty. Less thankful, more pleasing.

In the meantime, here’s what’s pleasing me greatly this week:

  • It pleases me that Poss goes back to school on Tuesday. It’s not Monday, which would please me more, but it’s better than Wednesday.
  • Coffee is pleasing this week. In fact please bring me more.
  • I am pleased with my new-ish pants. They are kind of like pyjama pants, in that they are soft and printed, but I get to wear them to work. Brilliant. And they have pockets. Very pleasing indeed.
  • My new glasses are pleasing to me too. I can see again. Although the wrinkles on my face are far less pleasing now I can see them properly.
  • I bought some new mascara last week. I never really worry about things like that, but I have amazing eye lashes this week. Or maybe it’s just the new glasses makes it look like that. Either way, it’s pleasing.
  • Almond croissants from my favourite local cafe. They please me. Greatly. In fact I am planning on eating more tomorrow. It’s Bastille Day this weekend – I am calling on my French heritage as an excuse to eat many. As if I need one.

What about you? Share and tell me what’s pleasing you greatly this week.

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  1. It would please me greatly if you would share more details about those pants! Back to work Monday and I’ve run out of cold weather options that don’t have track in front of the variety of suit.

    I rearranged my loungeroom today and with all of the lifting involved I’m counting that as exercise done as well.

  2. You xx

  3. Cet article me plait enormement.
    My phone does not give easy access to accents.
    Ce qui me plait pas du tout.

  4. Kate @ Our Little Sins says:

    Oooh, things that are pleasing are far better than thinks for which we should be thankful or grateful… Pleasing me – sticking a picture book back together, getting on a plane again soon, kinder starting on Wednesday, dumpling dinners (though even more pleasing would be YOU there but this week perhaps…)… Would I sound like a wanker if I said life in general is quite pleasing? x


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