It’s my birthday… giveaway!

  It's my birthday giveaway

Today is my birthday. Another year older, another year wiser perhaps. Or just another year older.

It’s been a big year, with lots of changes, lots of steps forward and some back. It’s also almost a year since I started this blog, so I kind of feel like you guys have been along for the ride with me.

So, while I may be celebrating, it’s you who I want to actually give the presents to. Or to be more specific, your kids.

Thanks to some of the wonderful brands I have worked with over the past 12 months, I have a set of wonderful giveaways.

These are all things that Poss has tried personally (as she was given to review them), or we have had strongly recommended from friends – so you know the prizes are well worth winning!


Hallmark - Abigail interactive book and toy Abigail Storybook and Buddy

We have had an Abigail for a while now. She is so loved that her batteries ran out and she is one of the few toys we have replaced them for.

She comes with a book, which she reads along with your child and will add in her own little responses at different moments. The phrases are set up to be random, so Poss has spent much time reading the same prompts over and over again, getting her to talk.

I have one Abigail set (with the book) to give away with from the team at Hallmark with a value of $34.99.

Seams Away Soft singlet

Soft underwear set from Seams Away

We are huge fans of the Soft brand of clothing in this house, with Poss wearing their underwear and t-shirts regularly. We did a post on them when we first discovered their range – you can check it out here.

Their things are made from a super soft cotton, they have no itchy seams or tags and are designed for kids with sensory issues in mind. In saying that, they really are good for any kid!

The team at Seams Away have offered up an underwear set in a size of your choice including x1 set of underwear, x1 packet of socks and one of these cool singlet tops that would work for both winter and summer. It’s valued at $40.

Kimiochis Bug

Kimochis Bug

We have posted a few times about Poss’ Kimochis bug before. It’s still one of her most favourite toys, one of those ones that continues to give and give.

There are lots of benefits from an educational perspective, their website has all the information you could possibly want to know from that side. But from a parent’s perspective – it’s soft, it’s easy to use, it’s so loved. What more could you want?

The team at Kimochis has offered up one of their gorgeous Bugs to give away. It’s valued at just under $50 and would make a perfect Christmas gift.

Kimochis nesting hearts

Kimochis Nesting Hearts

This is a new product from the team at Kimochis.  The blurb on the website says –  “when family members or friends are separated, each person can keep a heart as a tangible, playful way to stay connected”

I love this idea, and having a child who has suffered pretty badly from separation anxiety, I can see how this would help – even if it’s just a way to start the conversation with them and provide a visual support for when you are separated.

The team at Kimochis is also offering one set of their Nesting Hearts to give away, valued at $24.95.

VTech InnoTab 2

InnoTab 2 by V-Tech

We have been trialling one of these for a little while now and it’s not often we find a toy that Poss willingly puts down the iPad for – but this one has captured her imagination.

It comes packed with features such as a 5” inch LCD touch screen, twist camera, video capability, tilt sensor and microphone, as well as being super sturdy. It also only connects to the internet via a cable (where you can download heaps of apps, books, movies and music from the online store), so there are no issues with Poss connecting via WiFi and stumbling across anything unsavoury.

It’s valued at $199.95 and I have one of these to give away.

ZZ Totz Puppets  ZZ Totz Puppets

ZZ Totz was created so kids can create something for themselves that is hands on and ultimately fun. No bells, no whistles and definitely no batteries!

The ‘faceless’ puppets are a great tool for kids on the spectrum, allowing them to add their own faces and practise recognising those all important facial cues.

The team at ZZ Totz has  1 activity pack up for grabs, consisting of x2 puppet packs and a set of pencils – everything you need to create your own amazing puppets. This set is valued at approximately $25.


How to Enter

To win one of the above prizes, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me which prize you’d like to win and why. The most creative and/or funny answer for each prize will win!

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be an Australian resident to enter, you must provide a valid email address and entries are limited to one per household.
  • You may only enter once and must state which of the prizes you wish to win at the beginning of your entry/comment.
  • Entries close Saturday December 15th at 12 midday AEST.The winners will be contacted by email and announced on this post and across the About a Bugg social media channels.
  • Winners must contact me within 5 days or the prize will be re-drawn.
  • Winners agree to have their contact details passed on to the appropriate PR company or brand representative who will send out/organise the prizes directly. 
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  1. Judith Maunders says:

    Happy birthday! It is so nice that you are sharing around the presents. I haven’t shown this to Miss Six, as I’m sure she would want to select EVERYTHING, but I would narrow it down to just Abigail Storybook and buddy. Miss Six has come a long way in her first year of school and is now reading herself, but often she says ‘just read it Mum, without stopping’ when it comes to her bedtime story, suggesting that she is too tired to do the reading herself. With Abigail she would be encouraged to read as to get a response from her bunny. And the added bonus, another ‘pet’ for her. She has been hanging out for a pet since we lost our dog to cancer last year and befriends any passing cat and even has pet maggots at the moment (yes, ehhh). A pet soft toy bunny is much better!

  2. Oh the nesting hearts are fabulous. Perfect for separation anxiety.

    We are heading away on holidays soon but daddy isn’t going with us. We could leave a heart with Daddy and cuddle our heart at night when we ring him.
    Marita recently posted..The Christmas Toy CullMy Profile

  3. Happy birthday!!!

    I would love to win the Ino Tab 2 by V Tech for my beautiful middle child. He is desperate to be as big as his big brother and I know he would feel so spoiled and precious to receive this!

    Enjoy your special day!


  4. Happy birthday, we would love to win the InnoTab 2 by V-Tech, my almost 2 year old, bless her, has just cracked her second iPad screen in 6 months! The iPad belongs to my autistic 8 year old and its very distressing to him when she gets hold of it and the 2 times she has broken it and its been out of action, unfortunately we just don’t have the means to buy her her own tablet (especially if we keep having to repair a broken iPad!) she would be over the moon with her very own ‘pad (that’s what she calls it lol) and we would be super grateful 🙂

  5. Mary Preston says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    The Abigail Storybook and Buddy would be ideal for snuggles & cuddles & a read before bed. I can see Abigail becoming a favourite.

  6. Happy birthday to you Renee, hope you have a wonderful day.
    I’d love to win the soft seems singlet pack. very sweet.
    hope you also receive some lovely gifts. xo

  7. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!! Hope you day is FULL of much love, joy and happiness!!
    With Christmas not too far away, I think I have everything covered for Miss Kirby. Having said that, I’ve been stuck on something to get her for when baby number 2 arrives only a month later. She has lots of soft toys already, but I think she would really love the Inno Tab 2 and I think she’d have heaps of fun being able to take her own photos of the baby and showing them off to family and friends….not to mention it might give me some quiet time while I’m trying to feed or settle the new little one.
    Happy birthday again, and thank you for the opportunity.

  8. Michelle V says:

    Hello, I’m Michelle, and I’d first like to say
    A very big Happy Birthday Renee!
    The prize I’d most like is V-Tech’s Inno Tab 2
    Written on the kids’ wishlist, but this Santa can’t do
    You see, I’ve already lay-by’d them a new swing set
    But they’d much rather this awesome Inno Tab I bet!
    My eldest Penni, who’s a dear, aged 8
    Suffers anxiety, so this would be great
    It would build her confidence, entertain and amuse
    It would be a welcome distraction from her troublesome blues
    And Little Miss Nikki, aged 5 would adore
    The camera, and games, the motion and more!
    Not forgetting youngest, little Kayla, aged almost three
    If her sisters actually shared, then she’d be glad as can be!
    Just imagine Christmas morn, when they tear off the wrapping
    There’ll be whoops, and squeals, hi-fives, and clapping!!
    So Renee, (aka Santa to this desperate mum who wasn’t wise),
    Please consider my kids worthy for this monumental prize!!!

  9. Woukd live to win Abigail…we just don’t have enough soft toys in the house, I am sure I saw some carpet the other day!

  10. Hello Renee ,
    happy birthday and cheers to another gin!
    My dear 4 year old has spied this toy and is desperate to get her hands on one of her own.
    I did ask her why she would like one and why she thought she deserved one, and her answer,”it’s fun, nice and beautiful!” what more can I say…..

  11. Happy Birthday <3

    Given that I have two boys on the spectrum, it is ironic to me that my 7yo daughter is the one with clothing issues. By which I mean undies, socks, pants, tops… Pretty much everything she wears makes her cry (and me too!). Would LOVE to try Seqms Away for her. If they didn't solve the issues maybe I could ball them up and stuff them in my ears instead 😉
    katesaysstuff recently posted..Fallout BoyMy Profile

  12. I travel a bit for work and think the nesting hearts would be a lovely way for the kids to know I’m thinking of them (and for me to have a faux cuddle from wherever I happen to be at any given moment).

    I hope you had a lovely end of the day, as the start and middle didn’t sound like they were too flash.

    xxoo Carolyn

  13. Oh we could totally do with the Soft underwear set from Seams Away. Indi lives in singlets and has outgrown most of her current ones, we are about to give toilet training a go so some new underwear as a reward for when she masters this would be BRILLIANT. And she has no socks that fit right now lol!

  14. Happy Birthday!!!

    I like the Kimochi Bug! I want it so I can tell the kids how I’m feeling not them tell me!
    Annaleis Topham recently posted..Christmas Printables Round UpMy Profile

  15. I would like to win my beautiful daughter a Kimochis bug for our happy unbirthday (happy birthday to you!). While it’s her older brother undergoing assessments to find the cause of his anxieties and school avoidance right now, she’s the one who is starting to have tummy pains in reaction to seeing him stressed out. While I am putting my older boy to bed, lying down with him for up to an hour trying to help him relax, she’s lying alone – wanting me to come in and spend that time with her, but being understanding of his needs even though she’s not even 6 yet. I want her to know that her feelings are just as important and Bug would help us talk about this, and give her something to cuddle at night.
    Love your blog, btw, thank you!

  16. Belinda Baker says:

    My mister just turned 1 has started 1 day a week at daycare. Being the youngest (and still breastfed) he is such a mummy’s boy, but as I have 3 other children, I have had to put him into daycare, to give me a sanity day each week with a little bit of “me time” and the chance to shop and pay bills at maximum speed and with minimum distractions, however he still gets quite sad and has a few tears when saying goodbye. The kimochis nested hearts would be a wonderful way for us to remain connected during our time apart each week.

  17. We’ve recently found out that master four is highly allergic to house hold dust and bed bugs. (gee, bad luck in our house!)
    He’s developed a fear of all small bugs now – but the Kimochis bug is the cutest bug ever! She can scare away the other bugs in bed at night.

  18. Thanks for the great giveaway Renee.

    It’s the Kimochi Bug we would love
    A ladybird sent from up above
    With our big boy going off to school
    I know this Bug would be a fabulous tool!

    And that my friends is about as creative as you get me on a Friday afternoon at autism central xxxx
    Suz recently posted..A new feelingMy Profile

  19. Happy birthday for yesterday. I’d love the puppets pack for my boys, only my eldest is officially on the spectrum but both would benefit greatly in learning the social cues and facial expressions. A far as a creative component for my entry, perhaps that is why I choose the prize that us creative with structure! I have not got a creative bone in my body but I can follow plans and directions quite well

  20. Happy Birthday Renee! What a beautiful gesture, giving us presents on your birthday 🙂
    As you know, I first found your blog when I read your beautiful post about what to say to a parent who has just received a diagnosis. Our daughter was in the process of being assessed, and yesterday we were given her diagnosis of ASD .
    As our heads swam with information overload, specialist equipment was mentioned, specifically an iPad. As my daughter is only two, I didn’t really feel that would be appropriate for her age. Lo and behold, today I find this giveaway for a InnoTab 2 by V-Tech. As we get our heads around early intervention, and how to move forward from here, I feel perhaps my daughter can benefit from one of these more so than an iPad at her young age. We would be ever so grateful if we were the lucky recipients of this prize 🙂 xx
    Jane @ The Hesitant Housewife recently posted..Not waving, drowning.My Profile

  21. Oh i love the hearts, that is the sweetest little idea ever! x
    Jody recently posted..GratefulMy Profile

  22. Rebecca Baker says:

    In 4 weeks time, we move 10 hours Interstate,
    I been searching & searching for car activities for Mr 8.
    Car friendly activites are really hard to find,
    Unless i am completly blonde & blind!
    I would like the time to go fast for him,
    But finding things for him to do are very grim!
    So I’d really like to win the Inno Tab 2,
    That way I feel my son would have lots to do.
    He could download all his own Apps,
    And play games while we drive and even nibble on snacks!
    Maby santa could even give him this great toy,
    Because he has been a super good boy!
    By helping out heaps with his newborn baby brother,
    Oh how he has a very proud mother .

  23. tashana purkis says:

    innotab 2 why because its your party and i wanna if i want too lol nah because my daughter needs too learn how too say yes instead of no all the time lol

  24. I would be the best auntie in the world if I gave my niece Abigail for Christmas. Little would she know that I want to play with her too!! Happy Birthday to you…..

  25. The Inno Tab 2 looks like an incredible piece technology that would help my little one to learn her ABC’s while discovering about our universe and the earths creatures on the net. This is an amazing tool to capture her world through the video/camera function. This is absolutely on our wish list. Thanks for sharing such a fantastic product.

  26. kerry santillo says:

    My niece suffers cerebal palsey and the Kimochis bug would give her a wonderful loving feeling that I would be honoured to give her ♥♥

  27. I would love the Kimochis Nesting Hearts for my grand-daughter. We have a very special bond with her often getting upset at not seeing me for a while. Her Mum lets her phone me but it would be wonderful to give her the hearts with a photo to cherish.

  28. I would LOVE to win the Kimochis Bug
    As it looks so cuddly and so snug.
    I would love to give it to my daughter as a gift,
    And i am sure she would snuggle in in a swift.
    She could cuddle it in bed at night,
    So hopefully night time will no longer give her a fright!
    As she is very afraid of the dark,
    She thinks that monsters are roaming the park.
    I really think this bug would help her sleep,
    Anything has gotta be better then counting sheep!


  29. Rebecca Scarinci says:

    I’d love to win the Kimochis Bug
    because I have a 4 year old
    who loves to hug.
    he calls me his little cuddle buddy
    and I think its very lovely

  30. Stacey Shailer says:

    I’d love to win the InnoTab 2 by V-Tech for my 18-month-old little man. He LOVES playing with my touch-screen phone…little bugger even knows how to put the camera on it onto ‘Self-Shot’ mode so that he can see himself on the screen and then sits there kissing himself, cute stuff!

  31. Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Lovley Renee.

    I know a gorgeous little Diva who would be THRILLED to win an InnoTab 2. You see, the thing about being an only niece, and grandchild is that when you have mastered the art of pointing your chubby little finger at something you want, your Aunty K, Gran, or whoever really, takes you to, or give you whatever that chubby little finger desires… noteworthy items include iPads, and iPhones (in fact, first steps were taken towards an iPhone… sigh…)

    With that in mind, perhaps it is I that will be thrilled to be able to give Diva her very own slice of technology… so that my new iPhone stays crack free for at least another few days…
    Bec | Bird with a chip recently posted..Beyond ThingsMy Profile

  32. The Kimochi bug! So that my little niece can have a real friend instead of an imaginary one called Lucy! If you didn’t know she was talking to an imaginary friend, you would think she is like a medium who can see ghosts. There’s nothing scarier than seeing a little girl with long black hair talking to thin air!

  33. I’d love to give you a really creative or heart-warming answer as to why I’d love to win the InnoTab2 but in reality the truth is I’m a lazy parent and would love a toy that I can chuck to my kiddo for 15 minutes so I can read a magazine and regroup before I run away and join the circus. The bonus of the InnoTab 2 seems to be that it’s educational, so my laziness will actually be somewhat beneficial for the little tacker after all 😉

    PS. Happy Birthday and thanks for running this giveaway xx

  34. Tiua Blackhall says:

    My voice is rather horse,
    from reading storie books of course!
    Abigail storybook and bunny
    my voice would no longer be funny
    Happy kids and happy mummy,
    With Abigail reading a bedtime story

  35. The v tech as i haven’t a clue when it comes to technology so my kids need all the help they can get

  36. Peta Newsome says:

    Happy Birthday!

    The Kimochis bug is so cute – I have to have one!
    Who said it’s for kids? It should be for Mum’s!!
    It’s so soft and pretty, it will look great in my room,
    But I’m a nice Mummy, the kids can play with her too. 😉

  37. Happy Birthday!

    I would love the Kimochis Nesting Hearts to give to my boyfriend to remind him that sometimes he needs to have one!

  38. Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope you had a wonderful day.
    I would love to enter to win the soft underware set.

    ANYTHING that has no tags or seams gets a tick in the box in our world. Two of my babies have Autism and sensory issues and I’m pretty sure they would be most grateful to be able snuggle into bed without the need of wrestling and scratching their way out of their jammas… and maybe, just maybe I will get some sock to stay ON their feet instead of having to retrieve them wet and half chewed from behind the couch 😉

    Thank you to you and your sponsors for putting together such a wonderful and generous giveaway. I hope you got spoilt on your birthday too xx
    Carly@Charlie&Bella recently boy. eight monthsMy Profile

  39. Michelle Gray says:

    Would love to win a VTech Innotab,
    I’ve read about the features and it sounds fab.
    I have two little girls,
    who would just love to give it a whirl!!!

  40. i would have to pick the Kimochis Nesting Hearts so im never away from the 1s i luv the most


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