It’s my time of night

It's my time of night

I sit here in front of the open screen. Husband is asleep beside me on the couch, he’s coming down with man flu. It’s very serious you know. I did suggest he go to bed, but you know, why would he do that when the couch is right there?

Poss is also asleep. She’s still recovering from camp last week, and we’re backing it up with a busy next few weeks. Just like when she was a toddler, she’s so tired that she cries if you look at her the wrong way. But will insist until she’s blue in the face, literally, that’s she’s not.

Thank god for Melatonin to help take the question out of it and sweep her off to sleep. Even if it is a whole half an hour before bedtime and it’s really unfair.

It’s my time of the night. To reply to emails. To try and sort my thoughts from the day. Maybe read, maybe watch some sort of rubbish TV. Always duel screening with a million tabs open. Snuggles with my bunny, as he runs around trying to get my attention.

And write.

People ask when do I get time to fit it all in. Working, parenting, being a wife and a friend, and then the blog. Like it’s some kind of crazy juggling act. A balancing act comparable to a high wire dance. Little do they know how important it is.

To answer to the question, it’s now. Now, is when I find the time. Sometimes that means that I miss out on an hours sleep, sometimes it’s more. Some nights I watch that clock tick over as I wrestle with words, and know the hours I have to sleep are dwindling.

But I don’t even need to justify it to myself. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

During the day I get to write. I write lots. But they’re not my words but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them. I love being able to craft my voice into another style and tell a story that’s bigger than my own. Contributing my own little piece to a chorus of words.

But at night, in the quiet, while my family sleep and Hugo is keeping me company. That’s my time to find my own words again, empty them out of my head and find the balance.

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  1. I expected both my girls to be tired after camp, but had not realised how exhausted they would both be, thankfully because camp was the week before NAPLAN neither had a chance to be anxious about that. Still they are both in need of some calm, do nothing days.
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