Just being present

Just being present

Today we had a team day at work. One of those things that usually induce eye rolling in me. I don’t like group activities; I find them uncomfortable. Don’t make me do an icebreaker, don’t make me sit around in a circle and make small talk. It’s not my idea of a fun afternoon.

However, this was a bit different. Our team is small and we’ve had our challenges, but there’s an upward swing. I’m excited about what’s coming next, and it’s great to see the enthusiasm in the people around me.

We went shopping. A visit to Typo to satisfy the stationery geek in us all, then lunch at one of those new and funky places that make you sit on stupidly high stools and over charge for a plate of roti bread, but it’s so good that you really don’t mind.

There was laughter and even some small talk. But taken out of a the un-natural light in a conference room, there wasn’t the need for an icebreaker and the awkward was reduced considerably. We took silly photos and made grand plans for the year ahead.

We talked about choosing one word for the year. I wrote about this earlier in the year, but at the time, I didn’t know what my word would be. If I would even have a word. Nothing stood out and nothing seemed right.

So, it was interesting to do it with a different group of people, who see me in a totally different world to most of my friends and family, and get their thoughts. I landed on present.

Being present. Focusing on what’s going on in that moment. Letting go of what has come before. Not forgetting the lessons already learned, but trying to move forward lighter. Metaphorically if not physically. Although that would be nice too!

Not worrying about what’s coming up next, losing moments of everyday nothingness, losing nights of sleep, to overthinking the next step. Thinking years ahead to what will be, what might be, what will probably never be.

Trying to put our money into experiences, instead of putting our money into things. I have a house full of things, but with Poss turning ten tomorrow, I’m feeling like the moments we have with her as a child are slipping away before I grab at the properly and squeeze them for all their worth.

It’s not that different to what I wrote in that post back in January; quoting Hagrid with “what will come will come and we’ll meet it when it does”. A sense of mindfulness. A sense of not trying to over-reach and worry about things out of my control.

Just being present. Or trying at least.

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  1. Nice one Renee! Living in the present is a great word for you. Although I must say despite it being fairly obvious, you excluded your bunny finds today! There were so many!! Just had to point it out to do the day justice 🙂

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