Just being

Just being

So my long awaited week off didn’t end up quite as I’d planned it. Instead of filling each day with fun activities, I spent much of the week between doctors appointments, waiting for results of various tests, as I faced into the fact that the 100 day cough was probably something more, and vowed to defeat it.

A course of heavy steroids, a review of my asthma plan and instructions to rest and finally kick this cough, meant that we spent more time just being, than actually doing. There were trips to the pool, movies to watch and sitting on the beach, digging our toes in the surprisingly warm sand.

We hung at the park, we shopped and we indulged in the ice cream weather that Melbourne is teasing us with this week. I know it will only be here for five minutes, but after such a long, cold winter, spending time reading in the sunshine like a fat cat was irresistible.

My sister came to stay. At 17 she’s right in the thick of her final years of high school; friends, study, work and life after year 12 fill her mind as she worries about making the right decisions, the best choices. It’s a heavy burden for a teenager; spending time just bouncing on the trampoline with Poss was a welcome break from regular life.

There was no rush, no real place to be. We stood in lines, waiting for things I would always say we were too busy for. Hours were passed swimming; Poss kept coming back to check, “could we just stay a bit longer?” “Sure”, was the answer ever time. She swam till she was pruney, wrinkled and exhausted, feasting on hot salty chips as soon as she came out of the water.

Poppy reveled in us being around, waking late and lazy in our bed, demanding our attention and for once, we had the time to stop and give it to her. She joined us on our adventures whenever possible; trotting alongside us as she explored the world from her tiny point of view.

Her tiny wriggle bum expressing her excitement whenever the leash came out, she is becoming quite the little cafe puppy; sitting nicely at the side of the table, just waiting for a snack to fall into her waiting paws.

We painted our toenails, we tidied up Poss wardrobe (throwing out no less than four garbage bags of clothing she’d grown out of and she did it without tears) and made copious amounts of slime and cloud dough, which seemed to involve way too much food colouring.

And that was the week. Blink and you miss it, gone. On the upside, so is my cough.

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  1. So glad the cough is gone! I adored this taste of summer and not doing much!
    Rachel recently posted..Forget apron strings, these are the real threads that tie us to childhood.My Profile

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