Just like that

Just like that

As I pulled up to the lights, I couldn’t help but see her. She was pushing a bright yellow bicycle. Not neon yellow, more of a rich canary yellow; the type of yellow you would choose out of the box of Crayolas to colour in the sun.

The basket (yes, this fabulous bike also had a basket) was a wicker number and it had flowers intertwined in the front. I’m sure they were fake, I mean, they’d have to be right? Who is finding fresh flowers every day for the front of their bike? But from the middle of Punt Road, three lanes of traffic and a world away, I couldn’t really tell.

Her hair was cut in a bob, tight and short just above her shoulders. She had a blunt fringe, or bangs as Poss would call them, cut right across the front of her forehead. Poss had a similar hair cut a few years ago and it always reminded me of a character from a movie set in the 1930’s. Sweep it to the side and add in a big bow.

Her skirt was full and bright. As bright as the sky behind her was grey. I want to say it was green, but to be honest, I’m not really sure. I just remember how much it popped against the monochrome of her fellow Melburnian commuters.

The flowers in her hair matched the ones on the front of the basket though, so maybe they weren’t fake after all. Do people wear fake flowers in their hair? Or is that just silly of me to think that they would always be fresh? Probably.

The lights changed and we edged closer. She was staring off into the middle distance and missed the green man. Relief that I’d get to peer at her a bit longer, breaking this stupidly monotonous drive to the office each and every day.

I wondered what it was that she did, this grown lady with flowers in her hair, pushing a glorious yellow bicycle? Maybe a kindergarten teacher? Maybe she worked in a florist? That would explain the flowers, fake or otherwise. Maybe she worked in a call centre and was intent on bringing a bit of sunshine to her world.

I like to think she would laugh easily and forgive fast. I think she’d vote for the Greens and that while she was a vegetarian for animal rights reasons, she loved ice-cream and a good red wine. She is best friends with her sisters (she’s one of three) and has an amazing Instagram account, where she has fostered a following of bright happy people.

Maybe she was actually a complete bitch and this was all just a costume she wore each day. Maybe she was just trying to hide how miserable she actually was. Maybe she was just trying to get through the day without breaking down. Maybe she had just run out of clothes and this spring inspired number was the only thing clean on the bedroom floor.

Maybe I think way too much about these things.

The lights changed again, and in a split second I passed her from three lanes away, the traffic pushed on through as it does. A river of cars moving forward.

I’d like to say I caught her eye and somehow communicated all of this with her. Yet of course, that didn’t happen. I drove past and she was was just gone. Just like that.

It’s been over a week now and I haven’t spotted her again. But I’ll keep looking. Because if nothing else, who doesn’t love a bright yellow bicycle?

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  1. LOVE this post!
    And now I’ll be looking for her too!!!
    xx Marcie

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