Let Poss be Poss

Let Poss be Poss

When Poss was a preppy she was assigned a buddy, in fact she was given two. I’m sure that most schools run some sort of program like this, where kids from older grades are given a new starter to look after, guide through their first year, take under their wing.

It didn’t work so well for us. Poss was in the process of being diagnosed and she was desperately unhappy, overwhelmed and completely confused about her place in the world. Those two buddies didn’t know what hit them when they were lumped with this little bundle of misery and asked to look out for her.

They laboured along for a bit, completing all the required tasks, but a bond was never really formed. As soon as the formalities were done, they fell away and she was on her own in the playground.

It may not have been the best arrangement for Poss, but it did inspire a great desire for her to one day become a buddy herself. And after five long years of waiting, she was finally allocated a buddy of her very own at the start of this year.

We cautioned her about not coming on too strong, not freaking her little buddy out. We spoke to her about how the buddy might be frightened, intimidated and overwhelmed by too much attention, being new to school and all. To pace herself and let her buddy get to know her in her own time.

Of course, as soon as she met her buddy, she immediately seemed to forget all our worries and instead she just did her thing. Showering this little preppy with attention and affection; which has all been returned to her a hundred fold.

Tonight there was a letter addressed to me in the school bag. This always scares the crap out of me. We’ve had letters and notes from other parents before; it’s never been good news before. My heart raced a little as I pulled it out of the envelope and I braced myself for something unpleasant. Like when I have to eat rocket or kale.

But this was different. Surprisingly so. Handwritten, a single page, it expressed gratitude and thanks for the way Poss has taken her daughter and made her feel so welcome. That mum took time out of her day to write to me about values, and how she hopes her daughter grows into a girl like Poss; caring, kind and thoughtful.

It was about that point that I seemed to get something in my eye. And I’m pretty sure my heart exploded into a bajillion pieces with what I can only assume is pride.

Lesson learned. Sometimes we just need to stand back and let Poss be Poss.


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  1. Brilliant!! Well done Poss and well done YOU. Such an important lesson and it couldn’t have come on a better day for me. Xxx

  2. Oh Renée! This is perfect. Just perfect. I think I may have something in my eye also… xx
    Jane @Almost Jane recently posted..That one time my husband was right… {Identity Watch giveaway}My Profile

  3. What a beautiful story. What an inspiring young woman (and her loving family too). Thanks for sharing, K.

  4. How beautiful for Poss & her new little buddy! That is just so wonderful you got that message from her buddies family!!

  5. Suspiciously misty-eyed myself right now. And how lovely of the mum to let you know just how fab Poss has been.

  6. This is one of your best blog posts ever. In light of all the awful things happening in our world what you have shared is really special and beautiful.

    It validates all that you and your husband do for poss and reminds you that you are fantastic parents.

  7. What a wonderful story and what a wonderful daughter you are raising. You must be so proud!

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