Monday. Let’s do this thing.

Monday. Let's do this thing

It’s been raining most of the weekend. Not like the rain that other parts of Australia have had this week, but good, solid, sit on the couch and watch old episodes of West Wing kind of weather. Which really, is probably my favourite kind.

I was sick last week, a few days laid under with a cold of some sort, that seemed to involve a lot of sneezing and snot and a stupid bone tiredness, and I think I’m still recovering. Or something.

Poss was trying a sleep over at my mum’s house on Friday night and Husband and I had grand plans for our rare night on our own. Instead he was asleep on the couch by 9pm and I was in bed not long after. I worry that we’re wasting these precious moments on our own, but in truth, sleep is probably one of the best ways to spend it.

In a big win, she made it through the night (and big props to my mum for the hoops she jumped through to make that happen) and was returned to us late on Saturday. Just in time to have to rush Hugo to the emergency vet. Stupid bunnies and their stupid teeth. His have overgrown and he was unable to eat.

While it might not be a big deal for us to go a day or two without food, for bunnies it can be life threatening. Something to do with their tummies not moving properly and ending up with something called GI stasis, which can kill them pretty quickly if left untreated.

A few hours at the vets, and we were lucky enough to be home again. We’re feeding him via syringe for a few days until he gets back to normal, which he hates about as much as you can expect him to. Spitting the slurry (or Critical Care, as it’s otherwise known) back at me as I force it into his mouth, he’s almost smirking as I wipe it from my chest. Cheeky bugger.

Today we made a slow cooked lamb roast with all the trimmings, while Poss played with her dolls. And followed it up with apple crumble with ice cream, because I can’t really cook, but I make a mean apple crumble. What better to finish a wet weekend with than stewed fruit and, some might say, too much crumble on top?

The school bag is packed, the lunch box is in the fridge and Poss tells me that she’s done *most* of her homework. Her school shirts are clean and dry, her tights are washed and in the drawers.

I’ve watched about 6 episodes of West Wing since Friday night, drunk some amazingly good Shiraz, my sniffles are finally abating and we’re ready to do it all over again.

Monday. Let’s do this thing.

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  1. One needs to ask, which West Wing episodes? 🙂

    • I’m re-watching season six at the moment… Jed’s on a plane to China, Donna is realising she’s in love with Josh and Leo is coming back from his heart attack.

      It’s amazing how little it’s dated over the years…

  2. I think a high crumble to apple ratio is vital. In fact I’ve often wondered why crumble crumbles aren’t more of a thing?

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