Poss interviews | Steve Dimopoulos

Poss Interviews - Steve Dimopoulos

One of my favourite treasures from childhood is a letter from Paul Keating. I wrote to him, right about the time that my primary school was in danger of being closed down under the Kennett Government.

It was the mid-nineties. The Labor party was still the Labor party, and not the party that has long standing members shaking their heads in disappointment. It was a time before Kevin, a time before Julia, and I was a kid who wanted Paul to step down from his Federal chair and pull Jeff into line.

It’s a polite response, no doubt written by a secretary on a pro-forma, but at the time, I believed he’d made time for me; to listen and respond. I’ll never know if he had anything to do with it (highly unlikely, but a girl can dream) but my primary school was spared, while others around us closed their doors. If I wasn’t already a political dreamer, it was cemented then.

When we found out our local member, Steve Dimopoulos, lived just down the road from us, I reached out. Was there anything I could do to offer support? Steve’s campaign has run like many others; handing out sausages at fundraisers, visiting schools and local businesses, hanging out at the train station with a sandwich board and he has a mum with a dining room filled with flyers, ready to be letter boxed.

I’m not sure what he thought of meeting Poss then, a little girl with a mission.

She’d heard of the announcement that Labor made last week as part of their campaign platform. A new promise to support kids with special needs. A topic that’s obviously close to our hearts. To her heart. She had some questions for him. And graciously, he spent some time with her, answering them.

I’m not posting this in the hope that you’ll vote for Steve. Or Labor. Although obviously, personally, I think that would be great.

What I am posting this for, is that I firmly believe that this sort of package to support kids with special needs, their education and their long term success, is long overdue. From both parties. And it’s time someone stepped up.


This is not a sponsored post. I’m clearly just a political tragic who wishes she lived in an episode of The West Wing, and why can’t all politicians be like Jed Bartlett… I digress…

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  1. Great job Poss! Awesome to see Steve taking time out to speak to locals, including those who are often forgotten or pushed aside in a busy media and political cycle. You know who I’ll be voting for November 29. Hoping to see more of these great video’s in the future.

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