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Poss Point of View 1

During the holidays we were lucky enough to be invited to hang out with Rachel from Sesame Ellis and Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim at one of their workshops they’ve been doing with Olympus.

The day was warm, the first hint of good weather that Melbourne had tasted in some time, so spending the day hanging out at the picturesque Stables at Como was hardly a hardship.

After getting some photography basics from Rachel, all the kids were set loose with cameras to shoot the world from their point of view. After Poss has stood for me so many times, smiling, turning and twisting till I got just the right shot; it was my turn.

Poss Point of View 1

I followed her around as she pointed the camera up, down and climbed around on the ground. Her knees got dirty as she placed her tiny rabbit model in the gardens and chased the chickens. She insisted I help as she snapped picture after picture, before showing me her work with pride.

Poss Point of View 1

Poss Point of View 4

While we were surrounded by other families, there were moments when it was just the two of us and we could have been anywhere. Heads bent over a camera, sharing a second in a frame.

I’ve sometimes lamented the fact that I never seem to know what’s going on in her head, that I struggle to connect with her, to understand her world. Yet, seeing the world from her point of view, quite literally, was easier than I imagined. Some time, a camera and a bit of patience. Who knew?

Poss Point of View 5

Since then, we’ve given her a camera. Or an old phone to be precise. Each night, as our photo streams merge over the WIFI, I take a quick look at what has captured her imagination, what caught her eye that day.

The images: selfies, screen shots and photos of her world, are opening up a new communication channel, even just a tiny crack. A small insight perhaps, but an invaluable one.

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  1. Oh man, it was so nice to spend that time with you, and meet Poss. And I’m loving seeing the world through Poss’ eyes, and that she’s totally into it still.

    Can I ask where your beautiful dress was from?
    Chantelle recently posted..Off the gridMy Profile

  2. Fantastic to watch her explore that day with a camera!
    Rachel recently posted..Mr. Devine :: Boy’s Trip to Argentina :: Three weeks in Carry On Luggage OnlyMy Profile


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