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Poss Reviews

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We haven’t done one of these posts in a while, but when Moose Toys recently contacted me to see if Poss would like to help review some of their new toys, starting with their new Little Live Pets range, I knew it would be a yes.

The kid is determined to be a YouTube superstar. I’m determined that at nine, it’s going to have to wait. So this is a nice compromise. One of her most favourite things to do is watch toy reviews, so to be able to add her own to the plethora already on YouTube is a bit of a dream come true – and you will be able to tell by her hamming it up, that she’s watch a lot!

These actual toys are pretty cool. The birds have off switches (which is super important for any parent who is looking at a noisy toy) and they can only remember one phrase at a time, which limits the amount of mocking that the bird can do from afar.

The butterflies are super cute, and for their size, pretty robust little things. Poss doesn’t say in her video, but her only big disappointment is that they don’t actually fly. That’s not to say she hasn’t tried. Given they’re not marketed as butterfly drones, I’m totally ok with this.

Both toys have ‘personalities’ and the kids are encouraged to recognise emotions in them, and respond. Over time, they build up new skills and add additional songs (for the birds), or wing-flap sequences (in the butterflies).

This feature in particular has been interesting to watch with Poss, as her ability to recognise emotion is pretty limited at the best of times. Having a handy little chart outlining exactly what each pet will do, when it’s in a particular mood, has helped. If only all people came with one of these.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re not here for me this time. It’s all about Poss…


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Moose Toys.

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  1. The look on her face when she hears her own voice coming out of the bird! So adorable!!!
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