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Poss Reviews

Poss is one of those kids on the spectrum who seems to cycle through special interests pretty quickly. Intense love for something, all consuming love, then two weeks later it’s gathering dust in her room. She falls fast and hard. And then falls out again just as quickly.

There are few exceptions to this, but not many. But every now and then, something seeps in and takes a place among the treasured few.

There’s not really a pattern for the things that stick, nor can I predict what they’ll be. Sometimes it’s will be something age appropriate and completely reasonable, such as the latest toy. Other times it will be something completely left field, such as Toddlers in Tiaras.

So when the team at Moose Toys sent her a pack of toys, I wasn’t sure anything would take her interest. There was Dobble, a new card game and a very noisy Uggly dog puppet. And there were some odd looking dolls, The Zelfs, that reminded me of the Troll dolls my sister collected when we were kids.

Big hair, fat little bodies, they didn’t hold much appeal for me. But for her? They were whipped out of their boxes and from there, a love affair has begun. YouTube videos have given her the knowledge, and her birthday money the means, to grow the collection, Zelf by Zelf.

I think we’re up to 9 now. I am beginning to think they’re breeding themselves while we sleep. That’s possible, right?

In the meantime, she’s done a Poss Reviews video on them. She’s insisting that I call it Part One, as she’s planning a series on them. Right.

The lovely team at Moose also offered me a giveaway pack worth over $100 to share the Zelf love (along with some other fun Moose toys!).

Simply tell me what toy you collected when you were a kid (or what your kids love best!) and Poss and I will pick the best. Entries will be open from 1st May to 7th May and our decision will be final. Good luck!


Disclaimer – in return for this review and video, Poss was supplied with a pack of toys from Moose. 

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  1. Michelle says:

    Right now my PDD-NOS and my NT sons are obsessed with the Lego Movie mystery pack figures. I myself was a book collector when I was their age.

  2. My sister and I (number 3 and 4 out of 4 girls) collected Strawberry Shortcake Dolls. They smelt absolutely beautiful!I can still recall the smell of the strawberry, apricot and blueberry dolls- brings back lovely memories. We didn’t have many, but that’s what it was like back then, and we were happy.
    My oldest sister collected… empty toothpaste tubes! Not a toy, but ultra funny.
    My son and nieces and nephew now collect Lego figurines. Lots of fun and constantly played with.

  3. I was a massive tomboy and LOVED the masters of the universe figurines! My favourite as a 4 year old was Skeletor….yep I was a bit different to the other girls! My 4 year old is my polar opposite and loves anything girly – her favourite being her dolls house family. A current fave is also kinetic sand – inspired by Poss’ review!

  4. Michelle Jones says:

    I had a love of care bears as a kid! So imagine my excitement when someone bought Liv a Cheer Bear when she was in the hospital, and the obsession began! Care bears began arriving by her hospital bed, I agree with you about the toys breeding!! They helped her through the hard yards and she still often takes one to bed with her- the glow in the dark ones freak me out!

  5. My girls love Anerican Girl dolls, and I love them too! We have to buy a lot of things at one time to make he most of postage costs, sand with 2 girls our collection has grown quite quickly. My daughter (and her doll Natalie) have the same pj’s as Poss 😉

  6. Mary Preston says:

    One year my parents gave me a train set. Very cool gift for a girl. I used to collect, and make, little houses and flowers and people. I do think that my father loved the trains as much as I did.

  7. I collected troll dolls similar to Zelfs when I was a kid. I spent hours brushing their hair; and one always came to school with me in my pocket 🙂
    My 7 year old daughter has been asking for a zelf for ages…. & thanks to Poss’ review I may have been persuaded to buy her one for her birthday.

    (both my daughter and I love watching Poss’ reviews together)

  8. bubble936 says:

    I was in the habbit of collecting marbles when i was little. Marbles of different colours and sizes were my favourite to collect.
    Now my son loves to collect pull back cars. He is totally mad for them.

  9. I was a mad cabbage patch kid fan. My beautiful Candice Jane and I were inseparable. When I watch my girls with their American Girl Dolls I relive that love and friendship her and I shared. I collected anything cabbage patch, stickers were my main interest, pages full, books full .

  10. When I was a kid I used to collect oddbodz cards. They were like the animal and dreamworks cards that Woolworths has at the moment but they came in chip packets. There were hundreds to collect and the ‘hot’ ones were the best. If you rubbed a spot on the hot ones then it would reveal a secret picture. I remember one day getting a packet of chips that had 13 cards in it. I thought all of my Christmases had come at once!
    Tegan recently posted..Dialectical Behaviour TherapyMy Profile

  11. Poss, my two little ones loved the video, especially your little dog peeping from out the back!

    My mother took my two to buy some toys to be left at ‘Grandma’s House. One chose Transformers and the other Zefts. She was so sad to have to leave them six hours away and would love to collect her own.

    I, at 25(!), collected Spice Girls dolls. They are unopened and sadly, I don’t think they are worth the millions I thought they might be, twenty years later. Sigh. I might just let my daughter open them instead.

  12. Judith Maunders says:

    I used to collect erasers shaped like animals. I still have a few all these years later and now they are in Miss Seven’s collection. She also has my lone troll pencil topper. And she had already put the hard word on me for a Zelf. There is only one (a medium sized one with a yellow body and two tone green hair) in her collection thus far, although she would live some more!

  13. My daughter & I share a love of Sylvanian families figurines. Although I didn’t get very many, I treasured what I had. She also is obsessed with the Zelfs at the moment too & was glued to Poss’ video when I played it!
    Great work Poss.


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